Cliff Henricksen: L1 Inventor

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Cliff Henricksen came to Bose in November of 1993.

He had worked for the giants in the professional sound industry and had a number of fundamental patents in his name.

He was also a lifelong musician: a songwriter, bandleader, vocalist, organ and piano player.

You can see the tangerine phase plug for high-SPL compression drivers, and the Manta-Ray horn.

It is highly likely that there are more loudspeakers installed around the world in larger venues containing devices that use one or more Henricksen patents than any other inventor.


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Cliff came to us from a very small, exciting company called US Sound, in 1993. He can tell you more about our work together at the Albertville Olympics. We were just knocked out by his patented loudspeaker technology.

Cliff joined the acoustic research group after the purchase was completed, where the other eventual originator of the L1 research project, Ken Jacob, was working.

US sound purchase announcement sm.jpg