Kemper Export/Import Performances

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You can export/import Rigs and Presets using a USB key. To transfer a Performance, use Rig Manager - at both ends.

Ensure both source and target Kemper Profilers are running the same version of the Kemper Operating System. If they aren't, the target Profiler may not support features in the Performance.

Export a Performance in Rig Manager using Windows (I don't have a Mac, but this should be similar)
  1. Navigate to All Performances | My Profiler
  2. Right-Click the Performance you want to Export
  3. Choose Export (Ctrl-E)
  4. Select the Destination (Your USB Key)
    • It will have a file extension .kperformance

Import a Performance using Rig Manager
  1. Navigate to All Performances | My Profiler
  2. Open a new window in Windows File Manager
  3. Navigate to the USB key
  4. Find the Performance you want to Import
  5. Use the mouse to drag the Performance
    • From the File Manager Window
    • To the Rig Manager All Performances | My Profiler into one of the New Performance locations.

The Performance should be available in the Profiler.

  1. Set the Profiler to Performance Mode
  2. In Rig Manager, select the Performance, then Ctrl-Enter to load it.
  3. Save the Performance to the Profiler
    • In Rig Manager, click Store Performance in #__ (the Performance slot)
      On the Profiler, Press the Store Button 3 times to make sure it's stored.