S1 Pro System with B1 Bass Module

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S1 Pro  This information is applicable to the S1 Pro system
B1 Bass ModuleThis information is applicable to the B1 Bass Module

Can you use the B1 Bass Module with the S1 Pro System
The B1 bass module is only compatible with the full-size L1 systems (L1 Classic, L1 Model 1S, L1 Model II). The B1 bass module is powered by a dedicated amplifier that is built into the power stand of those L1 systems.
The S1 Pro system is engineered to deliver great balanced sound without a separate bass module. It doesn't have an extra amplifier built-in for a B1.
As a matter of interest, the B1 bass module has two 5.25 inch drivers. The S1 Pro has one 6 inch driver.
Can I use the PackLite® power amplifier model A1 to power the B1 Bass Module?
The S1 Pro System Line Out is full range. Using this to provide a full range signal the PackLite® power amplifier model A1 to power the B1 Bass Module. That's not optimal because you will have a frequency overlap between the S1 Pro System and B1 Bass Module. The B1 Bass Module was not designed to operate as a full-range loudspeaker.
You would need a crossover network[1] with a low-pass filter to send only frequencies below approximately 100 Hz to the B1 Bass Module but you might still need further processing with a parametric equalizer to make this combination work well together.
If you need more bass than the S1 Pro system provides on its own, Bose recommends you use one of the larger L1 systems.

  1. Crossover: An example is the Rolls SX21. This has been discussed many times in the Bose Portable PA Community