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Bose Sub1 and Sub2


Sub1/Sub2 Owners Guide

Sub1/Sub2 Quick Start Guide

S1 Pro system

T4S This information is applicable to the T4S ToneMatch® mixer
T8S This information is applicable to the T8S ToneMatch® mixer
S1 Pro  This information is applicable to the S1 Pro system
Sub1 Sub2 This information is applicable to the Sub1/Sub2

Preferred Method

Connections with Sub1 or Sub2 and the S1 Pro system

For best results, the signal flow should go from

  1. Sub io panel
    The signal source (e.g., ToneMatch Mixer[1], mixer, DJ console) output to
  2. The Sub1 or Sub2 subwoofer LINE IN 1 ()
  3. The Sub1 or Sub2 subwoofer LINE OUT 1 to
  4. The S1 Pro system with channel volume set to 10 o'clock.
Note these settings on the Sub1 or Sub2
👉 Set LINE IN EQ to L1
👉 Set LINE OUT EQ to S1 (Press and hold LINE OUT EQ button for 4 seconds)

Set up this way,

  1. The Sub1 or Sub2 handles frequencies from 40 Hz (Sub1) 37 Hz (Sub2) to 150 Hz
  2. The S1 Pro system handles frequencies above 150 Hz

The picture shows a stereo setup, but illustrates the principles for mono. The signal flow is from left to right.

S1 Pro with Sub.jpg

S1 Pro with Sub HPF.jpg

Recommended cable

Use an XLR to 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) Tip-Ring-Sleeve cable for best results.

XLRFemale to 14trs.jpg

If you use an XLR to XLR cable, the signal may be too hot for the S1 Pro system.

Alternative Connection

Can I connect the S1 Pro Line Out to the Sub?

The method described above is preferred, but you can use the S1 Pro system as the sound source (e.g., microphone and guitar and backing tracks via Bluetooth) Note the following:

  1. The S1 Pro system will sound the same as without the subwoofer (62 Hz - 17 kHz)
  2. The Sub1 or Sub2 will cover from 40 Hz (Sub1) 37 Hz (Sub2) to 150 Hz
  3. You will be able to push S1 Pro system harder (louder) if you route the signal as described at the top of this article



How are the Sub1/Sub2 cooled?


Sub1 and Sub2 have extruded aluminum heat sinks mounted to the backside of the I/O panel. This pulls heat out of the electronics and transfers some to the air moving through the acoustic volume of the sub and helps to cool.[2]