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Switching between Instruments

Mary (Banshee in the Kitchen) noted [1]

The main trick for me was to remember to hit the channel edit button for the instrument you want to change. For instance, I'd be playing guitar and want to tune in between numbers, so I'd crank around to the tuner and wonder why it wasn't picking up my signal well. Well, I'd been playing with my 12-string settings a while back and that Channel Edit button was still pushed, even though I'd gone on to playing another instrument.

I'm going to develop the habit of hitting the Channel Edit button before doing anything instrument in hand.

Hilmar-at-Bose replied

Do you mute the "unused" channels when you switch instruments ? If you do, you could try to make a habit of hitting the "channel edit" every time you take a channel out of mute. I've tried that a couple of times when switching basses and it works fairly well for me. I do

  • a) hit mute on Channel 1
  • b) put bass 1 down
  • c) pick up bass 2
  • d) hit unmute and Channel Edit on channel 2

This way I don't even have to touch the volume controls on the bass and can go directly back to where I was.

One Source to Two Channels

If you have one source like a cable that you switch between two instruments, or a wireless receiver with two transmitters you can split that input to two Channels. The reason for doing this is to have two different settings - one for each instrument.

  1. Run the source to one T1™ Channel
  2. Connect the Channel Preamp Out to the input of a second T1™ Channel. Use a 1/4" to 1/4" cable, balanced or unbalanced should be fine.
    • Note: you will probably have a lower trim setting on the second T1™ Channel

Use the CH Mute buttons to control which Channel is active.


I usually run my vocal microphone to Channel 1 and the Guitar to Channel 2.

So I set up like this.

  • Channel 2 input - Guitar
  • Channel 3 input - Channel 2 Preamp out

Expect that the signal coming from Channel 2 Preamp out will be hotter than your original Guitar signal. That's okay. I ended up with the trim on Channel 3 lower than on Channel 2. But it all worked fine switching back and forth by hitting the CH Mute buttons.

  1. Mary (MBanshee) in the Bose Community Message Boards