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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Infobox Company (see that page for the template itself).
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.

This template is designed for articles about companies.


Copy a blank version to use. All fields must be lowercase, and all are optional except for the name, type and foundation. A location field(s) is required, use either location or location_city/location_country.

Vertical list Requirements
{{Infobox Company
 | name             = 
 | logo             = 
 | type             = 
 | genre            = 
 | foundation       = 
 | founder          = 
 | location_city    = 
 | location_country = 
 | location         = 
 | locations        = 
 | area_served      = 
 | key_people       = 
 | industry         = 
 | products         = 
 | services         = 
 | revenue          = 
 | operating_income = 
 | net_income       = 
 | assets           = 
 | equity           = 
 | owner            = 
 | num_employees    = 
 | parent           = 
 | divisions        = 
 | subsid           = 
 | slogan           = 
 | homepage         = 
 | footnotes        = 
 | intl             = 

Verbiage and example

The Corporation Company
TypePublic (NYSETCC1, TYO: TCC1)
GenreCorporate histories
FoundedNew York City, U.S. (1900)
FounderWikiped Wikiad
HeadquartersSeattle, Washington, U.S.
No. of locations300 stores (2000)
Area servedNorth America
Key peopleWikiped Wikiad (Founder)
Waldo Wikiad (CEO)
ProductsBooks, magazines
ServicesLiterary restoration, literary archiving
Revenue US$500,000,000 (2000)
Operating income US$350,000,000 (2000)
Net income US$50,000,000 (2000)
Total assetsUS$1,500,000,000
Total equityUS$950,000,000
OwnerWikiped Wikiad
Employees1,500 (2000)
ParentMega Corporation Inc.
DivisionsTCC Company Histories, TCC Magazine Services
SubsidiariesRestored Book Company, Super Archives, Ltd.
SloganWe Have Everything!
{{Infobox Company
 | name             = The Corporation Company
 | logo             = [[Image:Example.png|160px]]
 | type             = [[Public company|Public]] ({{nyse|TCC1}}, {{tyo|TCC1}})
 | genre            = Corporate histories
 | foundation       = [[New York City]], [[United States|U.S.]] (1900)
 | founder          = Wikiped Wikiad
 | location_city    = [[Seattle, Washington]]
 | location_country = [[United States|U.S.]]
 | location         = 
 | locations        = 300 stores (2000)
 | area_served      = [[North America]]
 | key_people       = Wikiped Wikiad <small>([[Entrepreneur|Founder]])</small> <br /> Waldo Wikiad <small>([[Chief executive officer|CEO]])</small>
 | industry         = [[Publishing]]
 | products         = [[Book]]s, [[magazine]]s
 | services         = Literary restoration, literary archiving
 | revenue          = {{increase}} [[United States dollar|US$]]500,000,000 (2000)
 | operating_income = {{steady}} US$350,000,000 (2000)
 | net_income       = {{decrease}} US$50,000,000 (2000)
 | assets           = US$1,500,000,000
 | equity           = US$950,000,000
 | owner            = Wikiped Wikiad
 | num_employees    = 1,500 (2000)
 | parent           = Mega Corporation Inc.
 | divisions        = TCC Company Histories, TCC Magazine Services
 | subsid           = Restored Book Company, Super Archives, Ltd.
 | slogan           = ''We Have Everything!''
 | homepage         = [http://www.thecorporationcompany.com/ TheCorporationCompany.com]
 | footnotes        = 
 | intl             = 

Description of fields

Field names with asterisks (*) are required fields. Location data can be provided in either the location or location_city/location_country fields. Note that the examples below are presented in wikicode and do not necessarily reflect actual statistics.

name * 
Name of the company.
Example: Microsoft Corporation
Logo or graphic by which the company is currently and most readily identified. This is preferentially a gray-scale image.
type * 
[[Type of company, either Public, Private or similar.
Example: [[Public company|Public]] ({{nasdaq|MSFT}})
Example: [[Privately held company|Private]] (subsidiary of [[Berkshire Hathaway]])
Genre is primarily used for publishing and other media companies, and is of little value for other types.
Examples: Biographies, Science fiction, Western
foundation * 
Place and date of company establishment.
Example: [[Albuquerque, New Mexico]], [[United States|U.S.]] ([[April 4]], [[1975]])
Person or persons who founded the company.
Example: [[Bill Gates]]<br />[[Paul Allen]]
location_city * 
Current city or city and state of the company's headquarters. If this field is used, do not use location field.
Example: [[Redmond, Washington]]
Example: [[Nuremberg]]
location_country * 
Current country of the company's headquarters. If this field is used, do not use location field.
Example: [[United States|U.S.]]
location * 
Current location of the company's headquarters. May be in the format of City, State, Country or City, Country. If this field is used, do not use location_city or location_country.
Example: [[Redmond, Washington]]
Example: [[Nuremberg]], [[Germany]]
Number of locations the company has physical properties, expressed as a number, with the applicable year in parentheses.
Example: 800 stores (2004)
Geographic area the company does business in.
Examples: Worldwide, [[North America]], [[New York metropolitan area]]
Individuals most closely associated with the company. Limit to at most three or four people, using popular names rather than formal names.
Example: [[Bill Gates]], <small>[[Entrepreneur|Co-founder]] and [[Chair (official)#Types|Executive Chairman]]</small> <br /> [[Paul Allen]], <small>[[Entrepreneur|Co-founder]]</small>
Primary business market and/or industry the company occupies.
Example: [[Computer software]] <br /> [[Computer hardware]] <br /> [[Video game]]s
Best known products produced by the company.
Example: [[Microsoft Windows]] <br /> [[Microsoft Office]]
Services offered by the company.
Example: [[Computer repair]] <br /> [[Housekeeper|Housekeeping]]
Total revenue recognized by the company in its most recent fiscal year, with the applicable year in parentheses.
Example: [[United States dollar|US$]]512,256,128,064 (2004)
Total operating income recognized by the company in its most recent fiscal year, with the applicable year in parentheses.
Example: [[United States dollar|US$]]256,128,064,032 (2004)
Net income or profit realized by the company in its most recent fiscal year, with the applicable year in parentheses.
Example: [[United States dollar|US$]]128,064,032,016 (2004)
Total assets controlled by the company.
Example: [[United States dollar|US$]]64,032,016,008 (2004)
Total equity held in the company.
Example: [[United States dollar|US$]]32,016,008,004 (2004)
Current owner of the company, if applicable.
Example: [[Willie Hayes]]
Total number of people employed by the company, with the applicable year in parentheses.
Example: 3,493 (2004)
Holding company or group of the company.
Example: [[Google]]
Primary divisions operated by this company.
Example: Operating system software, computer gaming, hardware
Primary subsidiaries operated by the company.
Example (as a part of Hewlett Packard): [[Compaq]]
Slogan used by the company. Should be written in italics.
Example: ''Your potential. Our passion.''
Official or primary website operated by the company.
Example: [http://www.microsoft.com/ Microsoft.com]
Additional notes about the terms, names and figures used in the company's infobox.
Use yes to change some labels from U.S. terminology to internationally-used terms.

Revenue notes

  • In the revenue, operating_income and net_income fields, you may include an indicator icon to indicate the change compared to the previous fiscal year. Please note that this is not intended to reflect the actual numerical change in value, only the direction of change compared to the previous year. If no citable information is available for previous fiscal year data, please do not use an icon.
{{increase}}, {{steady}} or {{decrease}}
Example: {{increase}} [[United States dollar|US$]]128,064,032 ([[2004]])


Company and financial info

  • Datamonitor - Provides free company profiles including descriptions, headquarter address, website address, employees, revenue and other financial data, industry categorization, and more. Additional data is available from purchasable company profiles.
  • Yahoo! Finance - Provides revenue [Revenue (ttm)], operating_income [Operating Cash Flow (ttm)] and net_income [Net Income Avl to Common (ttm)] data, plus various other information. Enter the ticker symbol or find company name, then click on the "Key Statistics" link in the left column. Yahoo! also operates websites in many locations worldwide, links to which are located at the bottom of the web page.
  • Hoover's - Provides revenue and net_income data. Also provides num_employees figures.
  • Many companies also provide annual financial reports as downloadable PDF files in the "investor relations" section of their website. Financial figures are typically found in the last half of an annual report.

Stock info


The HTML mark up produced by this template includes an hCard microformat, which makes the organisation's details parsable by computers, either acting automatically to catalogue article across Wikipedia, or via a browser tool operated by a reader, to (for example) add the subject to an address book. For more information about the use of microformats on Wikipedia, please see the microformat project.

hCard uses HTML classes including:

  • adr
  • county-name
  • fn
  • label
  • locality
  • nickname
  • note
  • org
  • region
  • street-address
  • vcard

Please do not rename or remove these classes.