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There are two power-related LEDs: Power on the front of the system and Battery Status on the back of the system next to the power switch.

There are three LEDs for signal input.

There is one LED for Bluetooth.

S1 LED status

S1 Pro LEDs 1.jpg

Power LED

Power LED on the front of the unit
Off System is off
Blue System is on
Blue (flashing) System is in low power sleep mode
Happens after dormant for an hour
Resumes automatically when an audio signal is present
Red System fault


Power/Battery LED

S1 Pro LEDs 2.jpg

If using the battery the LED next to the system power switch shows the battery's charge state by flashing when powered on. To check the charge at any time, double-press the Bluetooth button in the Input 3 section.

Blue - 4 flashes 75 - 100% charge
Blue - 3 flashes 50 - 74% charge
Blue - 2 flashes 25 - 49% charge
Blue - 1 flash - may appear to be flashing 10 - 24% charge
Red - 1 flash Less than 10% charge

Signal LED

There are 3 signal LEDs: one above the volume knob for Inputs 1, 2 and 3.


Off No or low level signal present
Green Signal present
Red Signal clipping

Bluetooth LED

The Bluetooth LED is located on the Bluetooth button under Input 3 on the connection / control panel.


Off Bluetooth is off
White (flashing) Pairing mode / connecting
White (solid) Connected to Bluetooth device