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I play guitar with a bluegrass/country band from Asheville, NC called Dehlia Low. We've been using an L1 Model I system for about 4 months.

Been Playing Since

Dehlia Low has been together for a little over a year. We got started in August of 2007.

Your Group

Dehlia Low is a new Asheville-based band focused on early country, bluegrass, and original music. Their songs feature hard-hitting vocals with tight harmonies backed up beautifully by masterful dobro and mandolin playing, lively fiddling, and a booming upright bass. Dehlia Low performs original songs as well as classic and modern bluegrass and old country numbers influenced strongly by Hazel Dickens, the Stanley Brothers, James King, and others.

Bose Gear

Tell us about your Bose gear.

  • 2 x L1® Model I
  • 2 x B1

Gear you use with your L1®

Electric / Electronic

  1. AKG 440 Vocals/Fiddle
  2. Shure 81 Mandolin/Some Guitar
  3. KM 109 Guitar
  4. AKG C1000 Dobro
  5. Shure 57 Bass


  1. Collings CW Guitar
  2. Collings MF5 Mandolin
  3. Upright Bass
  4. Fiddle
  5. Wechter-Sheerhorn Resophonic Guitar

Other Comments

Although we have two towers, we usually only play,and travel with one, unless we know ahead of time that it is an extremely loud or big room. One is usually more than enough volume.