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Hi, I am known here as joelheck,(which is just part of my email address) the act is now solo as Joel - The Difference. The Difference is the old band I played in back up North many years ago.


Been Playing Since

I started off around 1962, playing Guitar, Bass, Keyboards and Sang with a number of groups for 18 years, paused for Corporate life, about 15 years and now back at it strong for the last 6 years on Vocals and Guitar.

Joel - The Difference

I have gone back to being a Solo act for the past few years doing Vocals and playing Guitar with backing tracks. I cover a wide variety of music, mostly Oldies, Standards, Light Jazz, Tropical-Rock and Country. Although its a bit more work as a Solo, the variety of music is great and I am able to keep it constantly moving with playing several local restaurants, events and the Parrot Heads Club for over 6 years, covering the hits of Jimmy Buffet and a Caribbean flavor, Trop-Rock as it is sometimes called. Either way, as former lead singer for previous bands, I keep busy, and have a great time entertaining around town.

Bose Gear

  • 1 x L1® Model II
  • 1 x T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine
  • 2 x B1
  • 2 X L1 Compact
  • 1 x Lifestyle® 48 Home Theater System
  • 1 x Acoustimass® 5 Speaker System
  • 1 x TriPort® On-Ear Headphones
  • 1 x 301® Speaker System

Gear you use with your L1®

Electric / Electronic

  1. EV RE-2 767 Wireless Microphone
  2. EV HM-7 Headworn Wireless Microphone
  3. TC Helicon Vocal Live Touch
  4. Fender Stratocaster
  5. Fander "Nashville Edition" Telecaster
  6. Gibson EB2D Bass Guitar
  7. Porch Board Bass
  8. Yamaha PSR-3000


  1. Jean Laravee Acoustic/Electric
  2. Yari by Alvarez 6 String
  3. Yamaha 12 String Acoustic

Other Comments

As an Entertainer first, I really enjoy what I do and make sure the audience enjoys the show..