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Let’s understand how to interpret questions intelligently.

Before responding to a question, consider if your answer will satisfy the underlying need behind the question. If not, then you need more information.


  1. Struggling to find a way to reach you, ST! How I miss our old Bose forum …
    Was looking at the ToneMatch section on the S1 ( site) and the last sentence of this section has me confused:

    Category: Vocal Mics
    Preset: Handheld Mics
    L1 Compact equivalent: Channel 1

    The Microphone Preset includes a sharp low-cut filter, keeping only that part of the audio spectrum where the microphone is useful. Using the microphone with this preset minimizes bass regeneration. The microphone preset was developed for close microphone use (“eat the mic”), which is the best way to optimize your vocal signal for tone and gain before feedback[5].
    About the presets: No mic that I know of sounds good for close vocal, even for recording for that matter. All our presets compensate for this. A lot of these mics sound a lot more natural when you back off a foot or so from them. Of course, this is true in the studio too. No one does this for a live performance (backs very far off the mic) since you want to maximize gain before feedback by eating the mic. And so then you get funny sound and so then you need our presets to make it natural. [6]”

    I’m sure it’s my fuzzy brain that is not reading that right … hoping you can shed some light 🙂

    Thanks and cheers,

    1. Hi, Troubador.

      This site is an exploration of the nature of asking and answering questions and I’ll be writing more about that eventually.

      To contact me for other reasons, please see the links on the Contact page.

      Thank you,

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