Bose L1® Musicians Conference Fall 2006/Agenda

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Bose L1™ Musicians Conference Fall 2006/Agenda Agenda: Emerging

Chris Ickler: Understanding ToneMatch™ technology

Narrators in the Taylor/Bose video are having some difficulty explaining the ToneMatch™ concept simply, so the video tries to solve that problem by providing multiple explanations and by conveying the enthusiasm of the people involved instead.

Chris Ickler has some ideas on how to talk about this at the Fall L1 Owners Conference and maybe that will lead to a shorter, more accurate message about ToneMatch technology.

(ickler text follows)

Nobody can ToneMatch a system that doesn’t have uniform coverage. (It’s like trying to impose a house curve on an installed system that has spotty coverage.) Certainly no triple system has uniform coverage. Even if you decided to ToneMatch every instrument through every speaker of a triple system, you would have to nail the performers’ shoes to the floor and the audience would have to take turns standing in the "ToneMatched" sweet spot of the FOH system. ToneMatch technology only has audible benefit AFTER you solve the coverage problem.

  • So the first problem of amplified music is to get the same tone everywhere. The L1 is the solution.
  • The second problem of amplified music is to get the right tone everywhere. ToneMatch is the solution.
  • No one can deliver the second solution before they deliver the first solution.

OLDGHM?: Vocal Microphones

See this post as one of many from oldghm on the subject of vocal microphones.

We had this on the agenda for the Big Sur Conference but never got to it.

Cliff Goodwin: Arranging for L1 Ensembles

Cliff was music director and guitarist for the Joe Cocker Band (live and studio) for twelve years. He developed and plays guitar in The Linemen, the ensemble that introduced the L1™ system to the world in 2004-2004.

The L1 approach solved the problem for many, including those attending the conference, of Hearing Together. Now there's so much to learn about Playing Together.

The idea would be for Cliff to work with an ensemble at the Conference putting arranging a few songs and using the deep principles he's developed. Attendees would observe and ask questions of Cliff.

In the evening, Cliff would demonstrate "finished product" with The Linemen, allowing attendees to ask questions about his choices on the five songs used to introduce the L1 system. A final set of songs could be added for Monday entertainment, with spouses, loved ones, favorite waiters and waitresses etc. to enjoy.

Chuck Nemitz: Electric Guitar Tone & the L1

Chuck would demonstrate the values/shortcomings of using conventional amps, various micing techniques, modelers (amp and/or guitar), ups and downs of using time-based effects, etc…