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Current events in planning!

Nothing announced right now, but someone somewhere is probably thinking about it.

See Ken's notes below for insights.


Planning for Conferences

A note from Ken Jacob [1]

Howdy folks,

Lightning doesn't strike the same place three times.

Something else is going on.

This "thing" called an L1™ users conference has been a spectacular success, and we're hoping that some of you are inspired to help organize one in your part of the North America.

We've had some discussion since Saint Louis, and we believe there are some common ingredients to a successful conference (I'm happy to hear suggestions for improving this list):

  • A local cell of L1 enthusiasts, willing to do a little work to help organize the event.
  • Remote (not much to do but just be)
  • Attractive to spouses and loved ones
  • Major airport within 3 hours (-ish) drive
  • Participants from Bose who are knowledgeable and giving.
  • Local musicians that want to know more about the L1 approach.
  • A venue that's friendly and conducive to live music and conversation.
  • Sleeping accommodations that are economical for people travelling to the event.
  • Great live music, played by the participants.

Bose can certainly supply the personnel. We can also help to offset some costs, and bring goodies to give away.

So what are we waiting for?

Who wants to go next?

I look forward to reading your responses.


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Past Events

South Atlantic States L1® Conference 2008 - Little Switzerland, North Carolina

Rocky Mountain Conference Fall 2007 - Cuchara, Colorado

Midwest L1™ Enthusiasts 2007 - St Louis, Missouri

Bose L1® Musicians Conference Fall 2006 - Ashland, Massachusetts

2006/04/23 West Coast (Big Sur) L1® Musicians Conference - link to the Bose® Pro Portable PA Community. The event happened before this wiki went live.