Bose L1® Musicians Conference Fall 2006/Discussion Topics

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Some ideas for discussion topics that came up before Big Sur

Add or expand on these ideas if you want to see them included in the Agenda. The Agenda will be the final plan, but we can talk develop the ideas here.

Ideas from the past

  • B1s and Tone (the effect on tone, headroom, etc of adding additional B1's, whether via an additional PS1 or the PackLite)
  • Dual mono, and the frequency cancellation that can ensue
  • Equipping the band (for those folks who are doing the gear for everyone).
  • Improvements and wish list
  • Introducing new performers to the System.
  • Long term user perspectives
  • Making it work as a house / festival sound system
  • Mono vs stereo, especially for sequenced or prerecorded backing tracks (background for live performers) Note: Chris-at-Bose dealt with this in Live or PreRecorded / Stereo and *-Mono
  • Where is the market and how to reach them?
  • Where we first met - talking about the forum

forum discussion about topics]

Ideas proposed or in progress

Bass (the Instrument)

Upright Bass

I've had the opportunity to with Buddy Catlett and other upright players dialing in the bass tone they hear and where they expect it in the mix. I'd like to see some discussion on upright bass. - Dan Sayan

Collaboration Online

Discussion Boards, Sketcher, wikis; and supporting L1™ System Owners online. ST

Guitar Tubes, Amps, Modellers

There is an Agenda item that should cover this topic headed by Chuck-at-Bose. gittar-jonz requested this as well.

Thinking out loud...I'd love to see an L1 set up for guitarists to hear and/or try all the different tone methods that we discuss here on the forum - almost a "guitar clinic". For instance, maybe ASAT could set his rig up, and demo for 5 minutes, and then Chuck-at-Bose could do his, Steve could break out his Womanizer, someone who mics an amp do theirs (is Sarno's Emery still there?), etc etc. Having a pile of preamps, pedals, and toys would be like finding a buried treasure to most of us. It seems like there are a lot of bass players coming, too. So maybe they'd want a similar "bass clinic" to try different things. Giving each player 5 minutes to demonstrate their tone and how they get it could be a lot of fun.

We will migrate Doug's ideas (above) into Chuck's notes.


There is an Agenda item that should cover this topic proposed by Ken-at-Bose, with the idea the Oldghm might lead this.

Some of the different popular mic choices, like the KMS 105, the Audix OM5, and the Shure Beta 87A)

Maybe some guitar amp mics (Shure SM57, Sennheiser e609) and drum mics (Shure SM57, AKG D112, Audix D6, Sennheiser 421)