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=====Current Model Comparisons=====
[http://www.larrivee.com/instruments/acoustics/compare.php Source: Larrivée]
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<strong>Series Feature Comparison</strong></p>
<strong>Series Feature Comparison</strong></p>
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Cliff Henricksen suggested that I try these settings for my Larrivée and Morgan Guitars.

ToneMatch® Preset Acoustic Guitars/Flat A Guitar zEQ
  • ToneMatch® Preset
    • Category: Acoustic Guitars - Bypass or
    • Preset: Flat, A. Guitar zEQ
Para EQ — -10dB / 500 Hz / 2.0 Oct
  • Para EQ
    • Level -10 dB
    • Freq 500 Hz
    • Width 2.0 oct

It sounds so very simple - but the Guitars both sound absolutely stunning!

As a matter of interest, the Larrivée has an iMix no-cut system and the Morgan has a passive Fishman.

It should be no surprise that these settings work so well for both of these instruments. They are very similar. The body shape and size are the standard Larrivée "L" body.

They do sound different when I compare one to the other, but they both benefit from settings - retaining their individual character and sounding far more like their unamplified voices.

Prior to using the settings Cliff recommended I did this.

Morgan with passive Fishman under saddle piezo pickup that sounds stunning with the

  • Classic Taylor ToneMatch® preset #90 (Dreadnought Finger-Style).
  • For a lighter sound I use the T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine
    • Category: Taylor Guitars / Preset: G Audit Finger or
    • Category: Taylor Guitars / Preset: G Concert Finger

Larrivée Information

Source for dimensions below

LS Body

15" Lower Bout

11" Upper Bout

9-3/4" Waist

19-1/2" Body Length

4" Max. Depth

25-1/2" Scale

OM Body

15-3/8" Lower Bout

11-5/8" Upper Bout

9-1/2" Waist

19-3/8" Body Length

4" Max. Depth

25-1/2" scale

Other Model Information


Source: Webarchive




-02 Series

-03 Series

-04 Series

-05 Series

-09 Series

-10 Series

All solid wood construction

Symmetrical bracing

Hand-fit dovetail neck joint

Ebony fretboard & bridge

Single piece mahogany neck

Transparent pick guard

Composite nut & saddle

Fretboard binding

Limited lifetime warranty

Satin finish





Gloss finish




Wood body binding





Inlaid silver headstock border





Pearl Larrivee headstock logo





Abalone rosette





Deluxe fretboard inlay







Abalone purfling around top







Pearl position markers







Current Model Comparisons

Source: Larrivée


This page contains the information which allows you to quickly compare multiple models. Remember that every guitar we manufacture is hand-built, which means that they specs are the guidelines we use, but that the final specification may vary slightly.

Body Size Comparisons

L - Larrivee Body
Lower Bout · 16”
Upper Bout · 11.625”
Waist · 10.25”
Depth · 4.75”
Overall Length · 40.75”
Scale Length · 25.5”
OM - Orchestra Model
Lower Bout · 15.25”
Upper Bout · 11.75”
Waist · 9.5”
Depth · 4.25”
Overall Length · 40.5”
Scale Length · 25.5”
D - Dreadnought
Lower Bout · 16”
Upper Bout · 11.875”
Waist · 10.875”
Depth · 5”
Overall Length · 41”
Scale Length · 25.5”
LS - Larrivee Small Body
Lower Bout · 15”
Upper Bout · 11.875“
Waist · 9.75”
Depth · 4.25”
Overall Length · 40.5”
Scale Length · 25.5”
P - Parlor
Lower Bout · 13.25”
Upper Bout · 9.5“
Waist · 7.75”
Depth · 4.5”
Overall Length · 36.75”
Scale Length · 24”
SD - Slope Dreadnaught
Lower Bout · 15”
Upper Bout · 11.25“
Waist · 10.5”
Depth · 4.875”
Overall Length · 40.5”
Scale Length · 25.5”


Series Feature Comparison

All Solid Wood Construction
Symetrical X Bracing
Hand Fit Dove Dail Neck Join
Ebony Fingerboard
Ebony Bridge
Single Piece Mahogany Neck
Ivroid Fretboard Binding
Solid Wood Body Binding
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Abalone Rosette  
Satin Finish Neck
Satin Finish Body
Transparent Pickguard
Exclusive Beveled Pickguard  
Gloss Finish Body  
Mother of Pearl Logo  
Microdot fretboard Markers  
Abalone Soundboard Purfling  
Deluxe Fretboard Inlays  
Deluxe Bridge Wing Inlays  
Vine Fretboard Inlays  
Vine Headstock Inlays w/ Logo  
Open Back Stainless Steel Tuners  
Flat Top Headstock w/ Volute  
Pearl Diamond Fretboard Inlays  
Herringbone Soundboard Purfling  
Stainless Steel Side Mounted Tuners  
Slotted Headstock w/ Volute  
Symetrical Fan Bracing  
Rosewood Bridge  
Ebony Fretboard Binding  
Handmade Classical Tuners  
Classical Slotted Headstock  
Mosaic Rosette  


Nut Width Comparison

1 & 11/16"
1 & 3/4"
1 & 7/8"
Larrivee Bodies (All Series 6-String)  
Orchestra Models (All Series 6-String)  
Slope Dreadnaughts  
All Twelve Strings  
Classical Guitars