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Cliff Goodwin

  1. Speaking the Truth
  2. The L1® system is about a dozen years too late...
  3. Playing on an L1® system "is like making a record"
  4. Entrances and Exits
  5. Don't Tread on Me
  6. The Singer Rules
  7. Serving the Song
  8. Mutually assured destruction
  9. Arranging in Space
  10. Go ahead...have your solo
  11. Talking to a guitarist
  12. Eyes Wide Shut
  13. Designing a Set
  14. So Bono Says to Joe...

Want to talk about this? Please join the discussion on the Bose Musicians Community Message Board. Playing Better with the L1™ System - Play On
Cliff Goodwin is a professional musician. He lives and works in the Northeast US.

From 1980 - 1992 he was music director of the Joe Cocker Band, on stage and in the studio.

In 2002 he was chosen to develop a musical group to launch the L1™ system throughout the world.

Goodwin was asked by Bose Chief Engineer Ken Jacob to speak at the second L1™ Users Conference held in Ashland MA in October 2006.

Ken and the audience asked Cliff wide ranging questions about how to take maximum musical advantage of the L1™ system.

The premise was:
Now that we can hear better...
How can we play better?

Cliff Goodwin with Tony Sarno performing at one of the Music is Human presentations.


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