T1 Compatibility With L1 Pro Systems

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Can I use the T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine with the L1 Pro System[1]s?
T1 to L1 Pro.jpg
Yes using two connections
  1. Power: Connect the L1 Pro[1] ToneMatch port to the T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine ToneMatch port using the ToneMatch cable
  2. Audio: Connect the T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine Master Output to the L1 Pro[1] channel 3 unless you are already using it for Bluetooth or another sound source. This leaves channels 1 and 2 open for other sound sources.
    • If you connect to L1 Pro[1] channel 1 or channel 2
      • On the L1 Pro[1] channel:
        • Turn off the ToneMatch Preset
        • Turn off Reverb
        • Set Bass and Treble to 12:00 o'clock
    • For best results, use a 1/4 inch (6.3 mm) Tip-Ring-Sleeve cable for a balanced connection

Regarding T1 compatibility with the L1 Pro systems: The architecture of the T1 ToneMatch differs from that of the T4S and T8S ToneMatch mixers and is not compatible with the L1 Pro’s S/PDIF audio architecture.

The T1 ToneMatch is based on S/PDIF, but with a proprietary connection for legacy L1 products which allows them to carry other data such as firmware updates. The T4S and T8S ToneMatch mixers use an updated version of ToneMatch protocol, which is compatible with legacy L1 products, but also fully compatible with S/PDIF. Since the L1 Pro architecture is designed to use standard S/PDIF protocol, the T1 ToneMatch cannot communicate the same way and is unable to send audio via the ToneMatch port.

Although the T1 ToneMatch is unable to send audio it can still receive power from an L1 Pro system via the ToneMatch port. In order for the L1 Pro system to receive audio, users of the T1 ToneMatch would need to connect the analog main out of the T1 to an available input on the L1 Pro system.

Source: Bose l1 Pro with Tonematch Mixers (T1, T4s, T8s)

Why use a T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine with the L1 Pro System[1]s?
  • Use the T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine to add three more XLR/Combo jack inputs and channel 4/5 dual input (combines stereo to mono). You give up the third input on the L1 Pro System[1] but get four inputs — a net gain of three inputs
  • The L1 Pro32 built-in mixer has ToneMatch Presets, Bass, Treble, and Reverb.

If you already own a T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine:

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