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Forum III Shipping Dates

The Forum III Guitar was shipped March 16, 2009. There was a factory tour of the Vancouver, BC plant where these were built.

You might want to restate that, saying the guitars "started" shipping on March 16, 2009. Larrivee shipped the guitars to Jim Holler at his request, he was receiving about 6 a day I believe. He did not want all 78 guitars shipped at once because he had to set each one up and didn't have the room for that many guitars, plus he had his regular daily business to take care of. As I stated somewhere else The ordering started early Dec 2008 and I received mine 4/25/2009. Lucky #13

Source: Mr LV19E

Forum I Shipping Details

See my web page for a couple build pics from Forum II.

Although I say there were 10 Forum II's, there were actually only 9, 9-Forum II's and 1 Forum I replacement. My guitar does not have a Forum II label.

My Forum I #10 was damaged in shipment and another person who ordered a lefty Forum I had his guitar built as a righty and it was kept by Notable. So Larrivee was going to have to make a couple more Forum guitars, and they allowed a number of people who missed out on the order process to place additional orders with Notable Guitars. So the Forum II's were really just a 2nd order of Forum I's. I don't think there should really have been a Forum II label, just more Forum I's.

An additional bit of history on Forum-I #10. If you look at the picture of the 10 guitars from the 2nd build on my web page

Source: Randy R