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Bose B1 and B2 cables are NL4 cables

You can use cables that are functionally equivalent.

What you need as a 4-wire Speakon, i.e. all 4 pins of the NL4 plugs need to be connected. The pins are named 1+, 1-, 2+, and 2-. The connection is one-to-one, for example, 2+ on one plug goes to 2+ on the other plug.

The wires inside the cable are usually arranged in a square pattern. Very long cable work a little bit better if the two signal pairs are connected diagonally like this[1]:

1+ 2+
2- 1-

2+ and 2-

The Power Stand detects resistors in the Bass Module across (2+ and 2-) that identify if the Bass Module is a B1 or B2.

  • If B1, then adding a second B1 is detected and the Power Stand responds accordingly.
  • If B2, the setting on the Bass Level switch changes the resistance and the Power Stand responds accordingly.

See Bass Line Out for more detail.