T4S/T8S Factory Reset

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T4S This information is applicable to the T4S ToneMatch® mixer
T8S This information is applicable to the T8S ToneMatch® mixer

This does not apply to the T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine

WARNING: Back up any saved scenes. All scenes will be overwritten when you Reset your ToneMatch mixer. You can restore them after you have done the Factory Reset. See: ToneMatch® Mixer / Scenes for more details.

Factory Reset: Turn off the ToneMatch mixer. Press and hold the MUTE buttons for Channels 1, 2, 3, 4) while you turn on the power. You will see

  1. Rebooting
  2. Factory Reset Please wait
  3. Factory Reset Complete

You can release the buttons when you see "Please wait"

Please note

The ToneMatch Mixer[1] Factory settings are incorrect in the documentation.

T4S/T8S ToneMatch® Mixer Owner's Guide

T4S/T8S Quick Start Guide

Firmware update instructions

Please see the notes below.

T4S T8S revised factory settings.png