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Summary: You need a mono output from the mixer to L1 Compact Channel 2

You can used ¼ inch jack cables. Balanced or unbalanced will work fine. DO NOT use a stereo ¼ inch jack Tip-Ring-Sleeve connection. You may suffer significant signal loss. If you must make a stereo connection then use the 1/8 inch stereo connection or the RCA jack inputs.

¼ inch jack Cables

¼ Inch Tip-Ring-Sleeve (balanced) to ¼ Inch Tip-Ring-Sleeve (balanced)

A balanced connection is preferred and will provide better noise rejection over greater distances than the unbalanced connection.

Tip-Ring-Sleeve to Tip-Ring-Sleeve

¼ Inch Tip-Ring-Sleeve (unbalanced) to ¼ Inch Tip-Sleeve (unbalanced)

This should work fine but a balanced connection (immediately above) is preferred especially if you will have cable runs in excess of 20 feet (6 meters) or if you hear line noise, hum or hiss.

Tip-Sleeve to Tip-Sleeve

Channel 2 Connection from T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine Details

Compact Channel 2 Line Level.png