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L1 Pro This information is applicable to the L1 Pro


L1 Pro Firmware

L1 Pro Firmware


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L1 Pro Family Selection Guide (product comparison)

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Should I get an L1 Pro8 or L1 Pro16?

Should I get an L1 Pro16 or L1 Pro32?

Do I Need to Upgrade from the L1 Compact to the L1 Pro8?

Do I Need to Upgrade from the L1 Model II to the L1 Pro32?

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S1 Pro+ x 2 vs L1 Pro8 with T4S

Which L1 Pro for Singer/Songwriter/Electric Guitarist

T1 Compatibility With L1 Pro Systems

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L1 Pro32 Separating the Sections of the Mid-High Array

L1 Pro16 Wobble

Comparing Specifications

Comparing L1 Pro Models

Bose L1 Pro8 Compared to L1 Pro16

Bose L1 Pro16 Compared to L1 Pro32

Comparing L1 Pro Power Stands to Subs

Sub Comparison

Legacy to L1 Pro Models

Bose L1 Compact Compared to L1 Pro8

Bose L1 Model 1S Compared to L1 Pro16

Bose L1 Model II Compared to L1 Pro32

Throw Over Distance

Quick Tips

L1 Pro Line Out

The XLR Line Output from any L1 Pro contains the sound from all inputs (1, 2, 3, Bluetooth, and ToneMatch Port). That includes

  • ToneMatch Presets
  • Tone Controls
  • Reverb
  • The signal from a ToneMatch mixer connected to the ToneMatch port including ToneMatch Presets, zEQ, Reverb, Effects.

The sound is NOT affected by the L1 Pro System EQ setting.

L1 Pro Daisy Chain

Want to connect one or more L1 Pro systems together? See L1 Pro Daisy Chain

L1 Pro System EQ

The System EQ feature on the L1 Pro systems applies an EQ preset to the master output. This is similar to a graphic equalizer on traditional analogue mixers, but it uses four presets instead for quick access. read more — L1 Pro System EQ

L1 Pro32 Half Stack

Can I operate the L1 Pro32 with only the lower section of the line array?
Sometimes there is not sufficient height to use the full array
The L1 Pro32 can be used without the upper array. This configuration is useful when a venue ceiling cannot accommodate the height of the L1 Pro32
Source: Page 7 of the L1 Pro32 Owners Guide
  • For best results, ensure array is at ear level for listeners
  • Unlike the L1 Model II, the L1 Pro32 automatically adjusts the level of the bass output to maintain the appropriate spectral balance.
It’s a valid use case to use only the bottom array section. In fact, the EQ automatically adjusts to compensate.
Craig Small - Bose

Half Stack Not Recommended for Small Gigs

Running only the lower section of the Line Array is a workaround when there isn't enough ceiling clearance to use both sections. For small gigs, turn down the volume on the L1 Pro32, don't run without the top section of the array because

  • You'll need to elevate the system so the array is at ear level for the audience. Otherwise, the sound will be muffled
  • You will reduce your projection over distance. The sound will drop off more over distance.
  • You may need to turn up the volume louder than if you were using the full array. As a result, you increase the likelihood of feedback.


What are the mid-high array and lower mid-high array made from? Metal mesh front and is rear metal or plastic?
Arrays on all units feature an extruded aluminum sleeve. Perforated grille on the front, solid on the back. Source: Craig Small
Are the column speaker arrays interchangeable between the different models? (L1 Pro8, L1 Pro16, L1 Pro32)
No. While the column arrays and extensions of the L1 Pro8 and L1 Pro16 will fit each other, no sound comes out.


Sub1 Sub2 This information is applicable to the Sub1/Sub2


Sub Comparison

S1 Pro with Sub1 or Sub2

Bose Music App / L1 Mix App

March 2023 - The L1 Mix App is replaced by the Bose Music App
Note: If you currently use the L1 Mix App, you may see a message that says to switch to the Bose Mix App. If you're not ready to do that (e.g., you're at a gig), tap the X to dismiss the message so you can continue with the L1 Mix App.
L1 Mix App is Moving to Bose Music

Firmware version 3.0.0 is required to use the new app.

For more details about the firmware update see: L1 Pro Firmware

Introduction to the Bose Music App

It's L1 Pro control in your pocket. With the Bose Music app, you can access intuitive, wireless control of your Bose L1 Pro portable PA system.


Run your finger up and down over the dials (as though they were sliders). Don't try to follow the curve.

L1 Mix App Controls.jpg

ToneMatch Mixers

T4S This information is applicable to the T4S ToneMatch® mixer
T8S This information is applicable to the T8S ToneMatch® mixer

Engineered with a powerful DSP engine and intuitive user control, the T4S/T8S ToneMatch mixers offer studio-quality EQ, dynamics and effects. Sound great with integrated BoseToneMatch processing and zEQ, especially when connected to a Bose L1 or F1 system for full end-to-end tonal control.

read more — T4S/T8S ToneMatch® Mixers

Other Bose Portable PA Products

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