L1 Pro System EQ

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The System EQ feature on the L1 Pro systems applies an EQ preset to the master output. This is similar to a graphic equalizer on traditional analogue mixers, but it uses four presets instead for quick access:

  • Off - i.e. 'Flat', no EQ applied.
  • Live - best for live performances
    • Slight reduction in 100Hz, bump around 1KHz, slight reduction at 10KHz
  • Music - best for DJ sets.
    • Increase around 100Hz, increase around 10KHz
  • Speech - best for just dialogue, if using the system for public address.
    • Reduction between 100Hz and 500Hz, bump around 2KHz-3KHz, bump over 11KHz

The System EQ setting will not affect the system's XLR line output audio.

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