T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine / Microphone into Channel 4

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T1 This information is applicable to the T1 ToneMatch® audio engine


You can use four microphones with a T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine even though there are only 3 XLR inputs. Channel 4/5 can be used if you have an impedance matching transformer. Note that if your microphone requires phantom power, then you will need to supply that too as there is no phantom power on T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine Channel 4/5.

Impedance Matching Transformer

T1 Channel 4 Impedance Match Phantom.jpg

  • Condenser microphone
  • Phantom power supply
  • xlr cable
  • Lo to Hi Impedance matching transformer

Note: the phantom power supply is only required if your microphone requires phantom power (e.g. condenser microphone). Most dynamic microphones will not require you to use a phantom power supply.