T4S to Two S1 Pro Systems (Stereo)

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Here's a quick overview of how you can connect a T4S to an S1 Pro

Initial Settings

  • Leave the T4S and S1 Pro turned off until you have things connected
  • Connect the T4S power supply to the T4S (T4S power supply sold separately)
  • Connect the T4S Right Output to the Right S1 Pro System channel 1 or 2
  • Connect the T4S Left Output to the Left S1 Pro System channel 1 or 2

T4S Analog to S1 Pro x 2 stereo.png


  • Use 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) Tip-Ring-Sleeve cables for best results

See the source image

S1 Pro System

On each S1 Pro System

T4S ToneMatch mixer

Turn on the T4S
  1. Set the Rotary Selector to PAN/AUX
  2. Press the CH EDIT button for each channel you are using and pan the input left or right as required

Setting Levels

Turn on the S1 Pro
  1. Play some music on the T4S ToneMatch mixer and bring up the Master Volume to 12:00 o'clock
  2. Bring up the channel volume on the S1 Pros so you get a solid green light. If you see red or you hear distortion, turn down the channel volume.

Now use the T4S ToneMatch mixer Master Volume to control the overall volume.