Allen & Heath ZED Sixty 14FX to Two L1 Compacts

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This setup could be used by a musical group or DJ using a mixer to run two L1® Compacts. For this discussion, we are using an Allen & Heath ZED Sixty-14FX. The principles presented here are applicable to many other mixers.

If you have questions please join the discussion in the Bose Pro Portable PA Community.

From the Allen & Heath mixer:

Connect the Left output to one L1® Compact and the Right output to the other L1® Compact.

Allen Heath ZED Sixty-14FX LR Compact

On the L1® Compacts set the ToneMatch switch to Line Level (down).

Compact Channel 2 Green.png

Set Channel 1 volume to zero.

For each L1® Compact use a cable like this.

MP-105 600w DETAILw.jpg

Set the Channel 2 volume so that you see solid green most of the time. If you see solid red, turn it down. Then control the overall volume from the mixer.