B1 Bass Module as Subwoofer

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Classic This information is applicable to the L1® Classic
L1 Model I This information is applicable to the L1 Model I
L1 Model II This information is applicable to the L1®  Model II

Question - Can I use a B1  with an amplifier as a subwoofer for another (non-L1®) loudspeaker system?

The B1 Bass Module is designed to work with the L1 system. The B1 is protected from frequencies it was not designed to handle - but only when connected to an L1 Power Stand.  If you connect the B1  to another amplifier, or an PackLite® power amplifier model A1  use a Power Stand Bass Line Out as the source. If you do not, there is no protection for the B1.

Note from MikeZ-at-Bose

Loudspeakers designed to be used with other gear (typical 2 way PA speakers, third party subs, etc.) usually have some sort of passive protection built into them. The B1, since it was designed to be used with L1's, has no protection. All of the protection is built into the L1 itself.

Using B1-s with conventional speaker system


On the L1 Classic there is an input "All Amps In". There is no protection for the B1s when using this input.

The PackLite® power amplifier model A1 is a full range amplifier and does not offer any protection for the B1s. The B1s will be protected if the signal source is an L1 Power Stand Bass Line Out.

Can I use the B1s with Bose® Panaray 802 loudspeakers?
You'll need to EQ the B1s to get them to sound at their best. The 802s go down to 60 Hz on their own. The B1s will go down to 40 Hz, but you'll need a crossover to get all the pieces working in their optimal range. Bose recommends the Controlspace SP 25 Sound Processor for all Panaray loudspeaker systems.

You can call Bose Technical support. for more details.... there are a lot of details.

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