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Question Can I use a B2 instead of an F1 Subwoofer

The B2 bass modules are part of the L1 integrated system. They were engineered to work with an L1 Model II or L1 Model 1S. They are not self-contained powered subwoofers like the F1 Subwoofer.

Your B2 bass modules are passive (no built-in amplifier). The L1 Model II Power Stand provides

  1. A crossover so the B2 receives frequencies from 40-200 Hz
  2. EQualization to fine-tune the sound to optimize the features of the B2
  3. Power: 250 watts RMS

In order to use the B2 without the L1 Model II Power Stand you need to provide the three features above. You can use a Bose PackLite A1 amplifier to provide the power, but you would have to use a third-party device to replace the crossover and EQ.

The F1 Subwoofer has the same three features built-in except that

  1. The crossover is set lower (closer to 40-100 Hz)
  2. EQualization emphasizes the frequencies below 100 Hz
  3. Power: 1000 watts RMS

Two B2s weigh approximately 80 pounds. A single F1 Subwoofer weighs 55 pounds.

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