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S1 Pro  This information is applicable to the S1 Pro system

Can I use Bluetooth to send a live music signal to an S1 Pro System or other Bose Portable PA product with a Bluetooth receiver?
Bluetooth is great for sending prerecorded music from a Bluetooth enabled device (computer, tablet, phone) to your S1 Pro System, however, if there is a visual aspect (video or live performance or you are linking loudspeakers), the latency with Bluetooth is too high for those applications.
At time of writing, the fastest Bluetooth available is Low Latency Bluetooth and that's not fast enough for live music.

For low-latency Bluetooth, you need support at both ends (transmitter and receiver) of the Bluetooth signal chain. This requires proprietary technology like aptX Low Latency.

The Bose S1 Pro does not support aptX.

General Information

The best you can expect from aptX Low Latency is about 40 milliseconds. If you want to sync loudspeakers at a distance, the rough calculation is 1 millisecond per foot.

For those thinking about Bluetooth for monitoring, you'll find this interesting.

The Effects of Latency on Live Sound Monitoring