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Earlier Version

Agenda: Emerging

We know what we are doing (roughly) on Sunday and Monday nights. The rest is still unfolding. See Discussion Topics

Sunday Night 6:00 pm

The main event starts on Sunday night at 6:00 PM in the dining hall called The Haydn Lodge, where dinner will be served.

Sunday Night 7:00 pm

Cliff and Ken would like to give a slide show. Location TBD

Sunday Night 8:00-11:00 pm

We'll gather in the lobby of the Inn, a delightful space with a Kawai baby grand piano and a very nice location for a "stage".

Music so far (a few tunes apiece):

  • Alan Steinberger: acoustic piano
  • Ronjazz: flamenco, brazilian guitar
  • Tom Munch: voice, guitar
  • Cliff Henricksen: acoustic piano
  • Andrew Douglas and Charles Mitchell: bass, 12-string acoustic and drum machine, vocals

Monday Night 8:00 pm

The plan is to have another festive evening on Monday night in the main dining hall. This should start at 8:00 and we expect it to run late.

(These are just suggestions. Not locked in yet.)

  • captbanjo would like to perform a song he wrote for all struggling musicians called 'Play Me Stairway to Heaven'.

Chris Ickler: Understanding ToneMatch™ technology

Narrators in the Taylor/Bose video are having some difficulty explaining the ToneMatch™ concept simply, so the video tries to solve that problem by providing multiple explanations and by conveying the enthusiasm of the people involved instead.

Chris Ickler has some ideas on how to talk about this at the Fall L1 Owners Conference and maybe that will lead to a shorter, more accurate message about ToneMatch technology.

(ickler text follows)

Nobody can ToneMatch a system that doesn’t have uniform coverage. (It’s like trying to impose a house curve on an installed system that has spotty coverage.) Certainly no triple system has uniform coverage. Even if you decided to ToneMatch every instrument through every speaker of a triple system, you would have to nail the performers’ shoes to the floor and the audience would have to take turns standing in the "ToneMatched" sweet spot of the FOH system. ToneMatch technology only has audible benefit AFTER you solve the coverage problem.

  • So the first problem of amplified music is to get the same tone everywhere. The L1 is the solution.
  • The second problem of amplified music is to get the right tone everywhere. ToneMatch is the solution.
  • No one can deliver the second solution before they deliver the first solution.

OLDGHM: Vocal Microphones

See this post as one of many from oldghm on the subject of vocal microphones.

We had this on the agenda for the Big Sur Conference but never got to it.

Cliff Goodwin: Composing, Arranging, and Performing in an L1™ World

Cliff was music director and guitarist for the Joe Cocker Band (live and studio) for twelve years. He developed and plays guitar in The Linemen, the ensemble that introduced the L1 system to the world in 2004-2004.

The L1 approach solved the problem for many, including those attending the conference, of Hearing Together. Now there's so much to learn about Playing Together.

The format for this presentation will be for Ken Jacob to ask Cliff Goodwin questions and for Cliff to give his thoughts and seek those of the audience.

A few topics sure to come up are:

  • Exploiting the lateral (left to right) field
  • Getting out of each others' way
  • Modesty
  • Making every sound mean something
  • Supporting the vocalist
  • Supporting a soloist
  • Space, and musical holes
  • Designing a set list

Chuck Nemitz: Electric Guitar Tone & the L1™

Chuck would demonstrate the values/shortcomings of using conventional amps, various micing techniques, modelers (amp and/or guitar), ups and downs of using time-based effects, etc.

Andrew Douglas: Using the L1™ for Electric Bass

An opportunity to hear an L1 system rigged as an electric bass amplifier, compared to a high quality conventional amp. A demonstration of a hybrid system (L1 plus conventional amp) is also planned. Direct comparison of a 2B1 system vs. a 4B1/Packlite system.

The basic agenda (not final) is this:

  • Intro
  • Discussion of the case for/against using the L1 to amplify electric bass.
  • With assistance from Mike Zartarian of Bose, live demonstrations of a conventional bass rig (Eden), conventional rig-plus L1 (hybrid) and all-Bose rig, set up to emulate the Eden and also without emulation. I'm going to try to set these up as A/B comparisons where appropriate.
  • Discussion/demo of different ways to get tone (BassPOD emulation vs. Bose presets vs. preamps, the effect of BassPOD cabinet/mic simulation selection on tone). More A/B if time permits.
  • Discussion of "thump" and A/B demo of 2 vs. 4 B1s
  • Q&A

Hilmar Lehnert: why the laws of physics always punish the poor bass player (proposed)

Why do I need big speakers and the guitar player doesn't ?

How deep do we really need to go for real bass. What about the B string ?

A 100 dB is a 100 dB right ? (wrong !!)

ST: Changing Expectations of Live Music

Why do we do what we do, and ways that we leverage our reach, to do it.

Discussion boards, sketcher, wikis; and supporting L1™ owners online.

The Bose® Live Music Technology Group has one of the most active and healthy online communities on the web. We can be talking about where it has been and where it may be going - taking advantage of some of new (to us) online collaboration tools.