Bose L1® Musicians Conference Fall 2006/Attendees/Excel

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Who How Many Arriving Notes
Alan Steinberger 1 Sat Alan
Andrew Douglas 1 Because he is driving, Andrew can bring, guitar, bass, Line6 stuff.... and a cowbell
bigsteve 1 Sun psychedelic bluegrass on a 64Guild and blow the bone
captbanjo 1 Wayne driving in
Chad in Houston 2 Chad & Karen Welling
Chuck Lawhorn 2 1 Room Queen bed, Chuck and his wife Brenda, 6-string Bass
Chuck-at-Bose 5 various Chuck's band mates from Rust Never Sleeps
Name/instrument(s)/times, subject to change: Ken Gibson / guitar, lead vox, harmonica, keys / Monday Mike Garron / bass, backing vox/Monday Scott Meneades /drums, backing vox / Monday Rob Hamilton /pedal steel / Monday & Tuesday
Dan Cornett 2 Sat Springfield, MA area by 10am Wed morning?
Dan S 1 Sat 5:00 pm
Bass - Dan Sayan
Drumr 2 Sat Pete & Julie
Evan Coleman 1 Bringing his sax - link to
gittar-jonz 2 Driving and can bring gear
guitseller 1 Mon Tim Dion from Cliff's guest
Guy-at-Bose 1 Guy Balbaert, Bose-Europe. Composer Guitarist, Blues Harp
holliwil 2 Jeff & Patty looking for a Keyboard
jazzhorn1 2 Thurs Ken & Deidra. Ken is MD for the Monday Music Extravaganza.
Jef Cierniak 1 Sun Ken has details (aka Humpty Dumpty)
Keith Johnson 2 Drummer. New owner from Kelowna travelling with brother Murray Johnson: CBC broadcast engineer, guitarist/keyboardist/mediocre drummer (sibling rivalry being what it is!)
Michael Nunley 1 Sat 5pm
aka FocusPlayer: Arrives PVD 5pm Sat. - Vocals but hope to bring my HPD-15 - would love to share a ride from airport to site
Nick Ward 1 Tech for the LineMen, Sunday & Monday
Oldghm 1 Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Rich Stillman 1 Ken has details
ronjazz 2 Ron's singer (Michael Ciulla) arriving Mon/Tues
rwj Rick W Jordan 1 Sun Eve 7:56pm Sun into Boston - Nylon stringed Taylor
ST 1 Sat 6:02 pm
Logan @ 18:00 approx - lneed ride to Logan for Nov 1 3:30pm
Steel Ghost 1 Jazz Bass
The Jester 1 Bringing his own Bass
Tom Munch 1 1 driving in
wcmb 1 Charles Mitchell - Andrew's friend
Wessings 2 Wess