Bose T4S and T8S ToneMatch® Mixers Compared to Bose T1® ToneMatch Audio Engine

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The T4S/T8S ToneMatch® Mixers are compatible with the L1 Pro System[1]s (announced October 2020).

The T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine requires two connections to the L1 Pro System[1]s: one for power, one for audio. Please see: T1 Compatibility With L1 Pro Systems

Here's a quick rundown of the additions and changes
  • Stereo outputs and processing
    • T4S: Two digital ToneMatch outputs and parallel analog 1/4" Tip-Ring-Sleeve
    • T8S: Two XLR analog outputs two analog 1/4" Tip-Ring-Sleeve
    • Pan
  • Combo inputs
    • T4S: Channels 1, 2, 3 and 4 all have combo XLR-1/4" inputs
    • T8S: Channels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 all have combo XLR-1/4" inputs
  • Auxilliary inputs (routed to Main with Level and Pan controls)
    • T4S: Aux Channels 5 and 6 are 1/4" Tip-Ring-Sleeve
    • T8S: Aux Channel 9 and 10 that are 1/4" Tip-Ring-Sleeve
  • Headphone jack
  • 6mm (1/4"-20) threaded insert at the bottom for use with mounting hardware,
  • Tap-tempo delay
  • Aux Outputs
    • Dedicated Reverb on Aux 1
      • T4S: Additional Aux out - Aux 2
      • T8S: Additional Aux outs - Aux 2 Aux 3, Aux 4
  • 3-band Parametric EQ per channel
  • Master out 6-band EQ
  • Higher signal output (approximately +10 dB) and this provides greater compatibility with the F1 Model 812 Flexible Array Loudspeaker
  • USB playback (WAV/MP3) from thumb drives
  • New industrial design
  • New magnetic cover


  • Removed the L1® Cylindrical Radiator® stand and the mic stand adapter (replaced by the common 1/4"-20 insert)
  • Removed the preamp outs based on customer feedback that they were seldom used
  • There are eleven scenes available in the T4S/T8S ToneMatch® Mixers:
Five Bose Scenes (that can be overwritten) and
Six user scenes
The T1® has eleven user read/writeable Scenes and five Bose read only Scenes.
T1 Scenes backed up to a computer can not be restored to a T4S/T8S (different architecture for reverb)
  • New Reverb engine
    • Global Reverb Time parameter is expressed in percentage compared to the T1® in seconds (details)
  • Channel 4 (T4S compared to T1)
T4S ToneMatch MixerT1 ToneMatch Audio Engine

Channel 4

  • Combo 1/4" (6.3mm) / XLR input. This single input is mono and can be panned.
  • XLR input
  • Phantom Power
  • Support for bare piezo pickups (pickups without a preamp)
  • Full support for ToneMatch Presets, zEQ, ParaEQ, Effects, Reverb
  • Can be routed to Aux Outputs 1 and/or 2

Channel 4

  • A single mono channel with two 1/4" (6.3mm) balanced line-level inputs that were immediately converted to mono.
  • No XLR input
  • No phantom power
  • No support for bare piezo pickups (pickups without a preamp)
  • Full support for ToneMatch Presets, zEQ, ParaEQ, Effects, Reverb
  • Can be routed to Aux Output 1
Aux Inputs Channels 5/6
  • Two 1/4" (6.3mm) balanced line-level inputs
  • Each input can be panned Left or Right
  • Each input is routed directly to the Master Outputs
    • No processing (ToneMatch Presets, zEQ, ParaEQ, Effects, Reverb)
    • Cannot be routed to Aux 1 or 2
  • Each input level control is set using the Prefs | PAN/AUX settings
No equivalent

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