Boss RC-30 Loop Station

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Connections to a Compact

You could run your inputs to the Boss RC-30 Loop station and the output to Compact Channel 2 BUT, but you will miss out on the Preset.

More on this soon.

Connections to a Model I or Classic

The INSERT point works really well with my Boss RC-30 Loop Station.

I used a regular insert cable with the connections this way:

  • I ran my input (in this case a microphone) into Model I (or Classic) Power Stand Channel 1
  • Using a standard insert cable


I made the connections this way.

  • Tip to Loop Station Output
  • Ring to Loop Station Input


Model I Insert Point.png

Connections to a Model II with T1

  • T1® connected as usual using the ToneMatch® port to the Model II Power Stand
  • T1® ¼ inch jack Master Output to the Boss RC-30
  • Boss RC-30 output to Model II Power Stand Analog input.

This lets me do whatever I want on the T1® to create a loop track using all the processing of the T1® in front of it, and control the volume, balance, and effects of the looper separate from the T1® (direct to the Model II Power Stand) if I want to do that. The only thing that I don't think I can do gracefully, is a fade out the looper with the T1®.