Classic Extended Bass Package

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In 2003 when the Bose® Personalized Amplification System™ family of products launched, the Extended Bass Package was a "Classic" Powerstand with 6 B1 Bass Modules. That was discontinued.

In fall 2005, the PackLite® power amplifier model A1 Extended Bass Package (A1 + two B1 Bass Modules) was introduced.

This is a look back at how we connected the Classic Extended Bass Package.

This illustration applies only to the L1 Classic Power Stand, and shows the connections for running up to six B1 Bass Modules to a PS1 Power Stand.

When driven by another PS1 Power Stand Bass-Line OUT, this Extended Bass Package will give you a total of eight B1s driven from the same source. Keep these as close together as possible (likely two stacks of four).

"Classic" Extended Bass Package - Interactive

DO NOT Connect/Insert the Cylindrical Radiator Loudspeaker into the PS1 Powerstand

Mouse over the connections and the wires for details.