Compact as Monitor

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L1 Compact

L1® Compact

This is how you can use our Compact as a stage monitor.

Run the output from your T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine or mixer

{{#Click:T1_ToneMatch®_Audio_Engine#.C2.BC_inch_jack_Output_Connections|Image:T1MasterOutput.png|500px|T1® Master Output}}

to Compact Channel 2

{{#Click:L1®_Compact#Channel_2|Image:Compact Channel 2 Line Level.png|500px|Compact Channel 2}}

Run the ¼ inch jack Compact Line Out

{{#Click:L1®_Compact#Line_Out|Image:CompactLineOut.gif|500px|Compact Line Out}}

to another L1 or Front of House System.

{{#Click:L1®_Model_II#Analog_Input|Image:Analog Input 3.png|500px|Model 1S or Model II Analog Input}}