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deluxe logo bags

Bags: Deluxe Logo Bags

Clarification: There is a thread about the "free" upgrade to the Deluxe Logo Bags. This was during August 2004. These can still be purchased separately as an option.

NOTE: These bags were replaced by a newer version. See Deluxe PS1/L1 carrying bag set

The following is retained here mainly for historical interest.

quoting Steve-at-Bose talking about the Bose® Logo Bags [1]

The PS1 bag: Yes, Steve Z you figured out the buckles on the PS1 (that was quick). I've got to warn folks though, the fit is *VERY* tight by design. Inserting the L1 bags in the panel pocket requires a fair amount of fiddling. There are along list of reasons why we didn't make it loose (the major being if it's loose things get sloppy as you're wheeling the PS1 around with the L1's in place) so if you give this a try be warned ... it's a tight fit -- but it works.

We're not calling this a "feature" of the bag because candidly I don't think it meets the standards of quality and excellence you've come to expect from Bose. You can do it, but I'm warning you, it's not "beautiful". Once you get the L1's in the pockets, slip the buckle through the handle on the L1 bag and away you go.

I'm also worried about the handle on the PS1 bending and the "tippy-ness" of the PS1 when the L1's are in there. The handle is tough enough, but it may bend if you, for example, pull the system down a set of stairs with the L1's in the PS1 bag.

If you use this option, PLEASE use good judgement and don't let the bag sit unattended. It balances but it's tippy. And treat the handle well, especially when fully extended.

The L1 bag has two "saddle bags" down each side, great for cables, and we've made the bag longer so inserting the L1 is very easy. Each L1 bag comes with a shoulder strap that connects to the "D" ring on each end of the bag. And you can use the buckles to connect the two L1's together and use one shoulder strap for two L1's (but it's heavy at 30lbs or so). Or use the buckles to attach a mic stand (folding legs kind).

The B1 bag now goes all the way around (the best way to put the B1 in the bag is an "over the top and pull it down" with the bag versus "put this heavy square object into a flexible bag sitting on the floor". It has two "D" ring attachment points, but I doubt anyone will use a shoulder strap with it (it does not come with one). The B1 is not a fun thing to sling over your shoulder.

And the Back Pack is really nice. The firm that did the pack does work for surf/skate companies, and the big sneaker companies, and we said "make it top of the line" and it, IMO is really nice.