Denon DN-X500

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Quick note.

Operating manual for Denon DN-X500 and DN-X900

This mixer has a mono switch and when connecting to a single L1® you should use this switch set to MONO and connect to only one output. Do NOT use any kind of Y-cable to join the two mixer outputs. See Why Not Wye for details.


Running mono, set the output to MONO above and connect one XLR output from the Denon DN-X500 to the Model II Analog input or Model 1S Analog input. Set the input trim so that you have a solid green light on the Signal/Clip light. Yellow is okay. If you see red, turn down the trim.

Model II Analog Input Trim.png

or Compact Channel 2

Compact Channel 2 Balanced.png

With a cable like this:

XLR to TRS mp106.jpg


Technical Description:

The EWI MP-105 is a special application adaptor cable for converting XLR to 1/4 TRS. This cable is typically used to plug XLR cord into balanced 1/4" TRS panel jacks commonly found on mixing consoles and processing equipment.

The Female XLR end is wired through to the 1/4" Male TRS end as follows:

  • Pin One FXLR to Sleeve of MTRS
  • Pin Two FXLR to Tip of MTRS
  • Pin Three FXLR to Ring of MTRS

The 1/4" MTRS end is an EWI model P292S-BKG

The FXLR end is an EWI model ES3FB-GDP

The cable itself is constructed with 99.98% pure 22ga. high strand count copper conductors.