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L1 Model I's With Denon X500/X900 Mixers

I have had a bunch of DJ's contact me, who want tips in setting up their Denon X500 or X900 mixers with the L1 . First off let me just say that this is not documentation from either Bose or Denon it's just what has worked for me to achieve the best results for optimum performance.

Here are the setting I use & that sound great to me. First turn on the -10 attenuation on the back of your mixer. This will help make the signal "less hot" which is a good thing when working with the L1's. Next use a XLR to XLR cable from the mixer to channel one (on the L1 Power Stand). Then set channel one on the Power Stand to preset # 58 (the standard DJ setting) & turn the trim all the way down. Then plug in your R1 remote & set the trim on channel one to the little dot before 12 o'clock dot (I guess it would be about 10-11 o'clock. Lastly set the R1's master volume to twelve o'clock - straight up. At this point when you start to hit reds on your mixer you will notice that you will start to see the LED signal indicator on the L1 power stand showing a bunch of red. You may get a red flicker or two before a little before it hits reds on the mixer but that's OK.

A few last tips:

Use R1 for EQ

Don't use the Eq on the mixer (unless you are using it as an effect for a specific song- but in general don't use the Eq on the mixer), instead use the R1's Eq for tone adjustments -it sounds better.

Mixer EQ

The only mixer Eq settings I do use are for the mic. I usually cut the bass down to about nine o'clock & add just a hint of highs (this will add clarity & allow for vocals to be louder if needed).

Gain Staging - Stay out of the Reds

Stay out of the reds- this goes especially for the main/master level LEDs (on the mixer) - if you hit reds on the channel LEDs it won't effect the sound quality like the mains will (if you over drive the L1 it can sound "harsh")

  1. Now if you need more volume there are three things you can do 1-on the R1 remote adjust the master volume to the next dot past twelve which should be about two o'clock (I only use this settings for "larger" shows).
  2. You can gain a little more volume (if you need it) by giving your self a tiny more trim volume on the R1 remote- past the dot I mentioned before (just make sure the R1's LED doesn't hit reds- If so back off a tad till you see all green)
  3. this last one usually applies to if you need more volume for a rap/dance song but you are maxed out on the L1> on the mixer use the Eq to cut the bass on the channel the rap/dance song is on to about 9:00 now simply turn up the man volume of the mixer & Bam it's louder & the bass still sounds good (Pop, Lock & Drop It is a good example of a song that typically needs this done to make it sound good)

Single L1®

If you are using a single L1 turn on the the stereo to mono switch on the back of your mixer (this will send both the right & left to both XLR's so that you can plug into just one (you can now use either the right or left output since they will be the same now). Now you'll get to all the music from both the L & R side coming out of just one L1.

  • If you have two L1's- just make sure to flip it back to stereo before you use both L1's again- dual mono is a no no unless you are spacing the L1's at least twenty feet apart. This is because of the signal cancellation that occurs when they are too close & playing the same exact material.