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From bdotson Source

I've posted my GNX3000 patch collection here: http://www.bdotson.com/patches/gnx3kbundlenov08.g3ka

It's setup for L1 inputs 3/4 and to be used in stompbox mode. The amp switch toggles between my custom crunch tone on the B amps and either the acoustic tone(on the "ac" patches) and a semi crunch tone (on the "2CH" patches).

The expression pedal has the following functions:

  1. on the "dual" patches - these are harmonizer patches where the amp switch functions as a lead boost and the expression pedal toggles the harmony on or off. You can get minor keys by using the relative major patch - ex. use the "Dual in C" patch for A minor key, etc.)
  2. on the "Whammy+" patch it functions as the "duh) whammy pedal.
  3. on the rest of them it functions as a solo boost and adds a bit of reverb and engages the compressor as well.

Hope this is useful for my fellow New Approachers. Enjoy - I welcome your feedback.