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Alternative Method To Connect A Digitech Vocalist Live 2 To A Bose T1

Digitech Vocalist Live 2

This page pertains to this product Digitech Vocalist Live 2. See this discussion for the Digitech Vocalist Live 4

I'm a singer guitarist who, like many, is very particular about both my guitar and microphone tone, and I have worked very hard over a long time to achieve my tone, including many equipment and accessory purchases, and much tweaking.

I wanted to add harmony, both for my band and for my solo performances. I wanted simplicity and decided on the Digitech Vocalist Live 2 (VL2), for non-programmed two and three part harmony only, including my main vocal.

The "normal" method to connect is to plug your mic into the VL2 and out to the Bose L1, and ditto your guitar - into the VL2 and out to the Bose, in my case a T1. My immediate result was that my beloved tone was altered, and not in a good way - both vocal and guitar. This I would NOT tolerate. But I still wanted harmony and did not give up.

I came up with the following alternate method to connect, and it works fine for me.

{details and illustrations to be added shortly...}

I plug my mic straight into the T1 Channel 1 with an XLR cable as I have always done. I run the T1 Channel 1 Line Out into the VL2 Mic In, with a TRS-XLR cable.

I plug my guitar into a preamp/DI then into the T1 Channel 2, XLR, also as I have always done. The DI also has a quarter-inch output which I plug into the VL2 Guitar In.

I do not use either the VL2 Mic Out or the Guitar Out. I also do not use any of the VL2 reverb or other effects.

I run the VL2 Lines Out L & R into the T1 Channel 4 & 5 (seems more full than just mono into 4).

The VL2 has a Main / Harmony Mix control that I dial all harmony.

Now, my mic and guitar tone are not altered, and are controlled completely by the T1, as I have become accustomed. The Harmony (volume / blend, eq, fx) is also controlled completely by the T1 in Channel 4, which is consistent and logical to me.

Hopefully this technique and discussion may be helpful to someone else. In any case, thanks for your time and consideration. Any comments or questions are of course welcome.