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Electro-Voice RE2-N7 Wireless System with EV 767a Dynamic Element MSRP: $690. Typical Street Price: $499.


  • RE-2 Receiver
  • Frequency Agile
  • Balanced XLR audio output for Microphone or Line level signals and a 1/4-inch line level jack
  • LCD displays Group, Channel, Frequency, xmitter battery level, diversity operation, RF, and Audio signal level meters
  • NDYM 767a Dynamic premium vocal microphone with VOBTM(Vocal-Optimized-Bass)

Setup Instructions

In our case, we could use the Transmitter/Receiver as shipped. In some cases, with additional units, you may wish to perform channel selection. To be covered later.

Interaction with the L1®

Connection to a T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine channel 1 2 or 3 was straightforward, using an a standard XLR cable. Adjust the trim as per normal gain staging and adjust volume as necessary.


We found it well suited to both Male and Female vocal applications. During announcements, pressing the appropriate channels effects mute button on the T1 allowed more than sufficient volume levels for announcements, without feedback issues. During most vocal applications, given the outdoor area and music style, a light amount of reverb, gave a nice enhancement to the vocal, with out feedback problems. Using moderate, compression, gave rise to a potential feedback problem at higher levels. Further testing later, gave the impression that there was not sufficient benefit with the compression, to warrant the feedback risk. This has been observed to a greater extent with other microphones, in this setting.

How Testing was done

The L1 was located, about 2 feet behind and 4 feet to the left of the microphone stand, in a "L" shaped outdoor setting, under a covered Lani, with a open area with umbrella tables behind and to the right of the sound setup.. It was a Club meeting and party event, so noise levels were fairly high, with about 120 people. While the singer performed, test members, walked about the room, checking volume and intelligibility levels at various test spots. During Meeting time, testers performed the same listening for six various speakers, of male and female announcements.

General Comment

All the test listeners commented on the clarity of each speaker and how well the singers sound projected to all areas.

What do I like about the product

I really liked the sound quality of the EV RE-2 system and the light comfortable feel of the wireless microphone itself. The battery life was excellent, with better than 8 hours performance. The responsiveness and clarity was equal to the wired version of the EV nd767a microphone. It has a nice proximity effect while eating the mic so to speak, that does not muddy up or get overly bassey sounding. I have a pair of wireless Nady UHF 10's, a Wireless Sure Headset (very thin sounding)and an SM58. I prefer these EV RE-2 microphones over any of them.

What I do not like about the product

As of this testing, I have not come across any dislike for the product.

Quality Rating

The receiver is a metal case and appears to be quite solid. Although the microphone/transmitter is a plastic case, it has a very comfortable feel, nice and light, easy to hold for 4 hours. The range of over 300 feet experienced no dropouts or interference noises.

Review Summary

I've tried quite a few different microphones, both wired and wireless, and this one is a definite keeper. I feel it has a reasonable price, value, and quality to it.

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