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1985 Gallien-Krueger 250 ML Mk II Amp

Gallien-Krueger 250 ML Mark II, 2 4-1/2" speakers (can be bypassed when switched for external speaker connection), 2 channel single 1/4 " input. 100 watts when stereo outs connected to either 8 or 16 ohm (switchable) settings. Footswitch for channel switching and effects, footswitch in and headphone jacks. Clean channel volume with gain switch. Overdrive channel 2 w/ volume and 4 rotary eq knobs (8.0 khz, 2.0 khz, 500 hz and 120 hz), push-button chorus and echo switches. Rear effects loop. Small compact amp packs a mean whallop when connected to a speaker cabinet. Little baby cranks out 100 watts and can deliver a smooth tubey sound that will break up and soar with the best of them. A great practice and small setting rehearsal amp as well as recording when not connected to a speaker cabinet. Gain switch on Channel 2 sends overdrive from bluesy crunch to searing sustain and rich harmonics. With eq settings set, a great Mesa Boogie tone is achieved.

Specs: GK 250 ML, 100 watts output when connected, built-in chorus and echo effects, 2 channels, 4 rotary eq knobs, gain switches for each channel, footswitch and headphone jacks, rear panel features include 8 or 16 ohm switch with internal speaker bypass (at 8 ohm setting), aux. in and stereo out 1/4 " jack, XLR out, left and right spkr outs, effects send and returns.
Tone: Nice clean channel tones reminiscent of tube Fender when eq'd correctly and gain adds nice subtle clip. Channel 2 without gain switch is bluesy and distinctive and with gain activated, blows the windows out. Very likeable tones in this thing, quite versatile.
Appearance: solid black box with front panel controls having ez access, metal grille protects 2 tiny 4 1/2" speakers! Rubber feet, handle.
Needs/wants: More broad banded eq section. Bigger internal speakers!
Quirks: When employing internal speakers, tone is rather skimpy and thin due to lack of ability to push any bass end. Footswitch is both effects on/off and won't allow for seperate activation. Echo is like a reverb/delay with no control over parameters. When hooked up, a wolf in sheeps clothing with plenty of lows and mids to disperse.
History: First seen around 1985, this small wonder was used for the solos
by Nuno Bettencourt on Extremes Three Sides release. Competes with the best heavy tones out there.
Desirability: Possibly discontinued, probably will be collectable.

Source: http://www.superpage.com/riffs/desc_gk.html

GK 250ML Operating Instructions

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