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L1 Model I This information is applicable to the L1 Model I
Classic This information is applicable to the L1® Classic

This is a quick setup for connecting a mixer to a PS1 Powerstand for a Classic or L1™ Model I.

  1. On the Mixer
    • Run prerecorded music into the Mixer. Set input trims (on the mixer) so that the signal is strong but not clipping.
  2. On the R1 Remote
    • Set Master Level at "0". The L1™ System should be silent.
  3. On the R1 Remote
    • Set Channel 1 Level at 12 o'clock (straight up)
  4. On the Mixer
    • Set Output at its maximum without clipping
  5. Signal/OL LED
    On the PS1 Powerstand
    • Set the input trim so that you get steady green on the Signal/OL. (red flickers are okay).
    • If you set the input trim to "0" zero, and you are getting solid red on the Signal/OL LED then use a Pad to attenuate the signal.
      • If you don't use a Pad, and
      • you reduce the output from the mixer, and
      • you raise the volume with the R1 Remote, then
      • you will probably raise the amount of noise in the signal path.
    • Set the Channel 2 input trim to 0
    • Set the Channel 3 input level to 0
    • Set the Channel 4 input level to 0
    • R1 Remote LED indicators
      At this point the R1 Remote Channel LED should be doing the same thing as the PS1 Powerstand Signal O/L LED. Solid green, occasional red flickers.
  6. On the R1 Remote
    • Bring up the Master Level to 12 o'clock (straight up)
    • If everything is working, you are probably hearing the System at very close to its volume limit.

Test: On the Mixer, set the master output all the way down:

  • If you are hearing a low frequency hum, check for a ground loops.
  • If you are hearing a buzz, check for sources of line noise.