How Long Have You Been Gigging

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Originally published as Who is using the Personalized Amplification System™

How long have you been gigging?

As I read through these messages I am struck by sophistication and maturity the of musicians here. So I thought I would ask (because it might be correlated to some as-yet-to-be-quantified set of qualifications it takes to appreciate and buy a Personalized Amplification System ™) ....

How long have you been gigging?

How long you've been playing is a question for a different poll. Edit - Let's say that gigging is: performing, playing out, playing in front of people, paid or not (so we can we can include all of our friends who entertain in non-paid situations).


Edit - Suggestion: After you vote and see the results, take a moment and post a message about your thoughts on the distribution.

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