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Early experiments with the JamHub GreenRoom and Tracker MT-16.


JamHub Owners Manual

JamHub GreenRoom.png Tracker MT16.png


JamHub GreenRoom

Q I can record using the USB output to a computer. Can I playback the output from my computer via USB through the JamHub to my headphones?
No, the signal flow is from JamHub to Computer only, not bidirectional.

Tracker MT-16


Q Can I playback recordings made with the Tracker through the JamHub using the JamHub Connect cable?
No. You can record using the JamHub Connect cable but it does not support playback.
Q Can I playback all my tracks (a mixdown) directly from the Tracker?
No.You can playback one track at a time through the Aux output. This capability is primarily for testing to show that the recording process worked. To hear a mix you have to transfer the files to your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) or (later) upload to BandLab.