Kemper Profiles How to Distinguish a Studio Profile from a Merged Profile

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How can I distinguish a Studio Profile from a Merged Profile (or a Direct Profile)

If the direct profiles are correct, the cabinet module is "Empty". So it's not just turned off. The user cannot create the "Empty" status afterwards, but it is set automatically as soon as it is recognized during the profile that there is no guitar box in the signal chain. Everyone can try it out for themselves by simply profiling a cable.

We don't actually publish any independent, unemented direct profiles because they can only be used meaningfully in conjunction with a physical guitar cabinet. And the associated direct profile is in every merged profile: If you listen to a merged profile at the MONITOR OUTPUT or SPEAKER OUTPUT with "Monitor Cab. Off" activated, the direct profile is there.


a. Rigs for acoustic guitars such as B. "BM - Acoustic Fingerpicking", in which a guitar box would be out of place.

b. Bass rigs that were drawn from the DI output of a bass amp or that were created with very linear bass boxes - similar to PA boxes. The PROFILER does not recognize such linear boxes and if they are linear you do not need a profile.

You can see here which of our Factory Rigs Studio profiles or merged profiles contain:

Factory Rig Reference List

The PROFILER itself cannot be used to distinguish between Studio and Merged PROFILE. If the author has added an "M", you're in luck. But there is no convention for this. Both profile types can be used for the same applications. If you use the complete profile including the cabinet simulation, there are no sound differences whatsoever. Only when playing through a physical guitar cabinet is the merged profile a little more precise when it comes to separating the amp from the cabinet. But what you like better in terms of sound is a completely different question. In this respect, one should orient oneself less to labels like "Studio" or "Merged", but rather rely more on one's ears.

Source: Burkhard Kemper Forum

How can I tell the difference between a Studio Profile from a Merged Profile?

The difference between a Studio PROFILE and a Merged PROFILE is smaller, than what you might think.

Overall there is no sound difference. If you monitor via full-range equipment like in-ears, headphones, studio monitors, wedges, PA or home entertainment systems or if you record, it's completely irrelevant.

If you activate Monitor Cab. Off and suppress the cabinet simulation for the MONITOR OUTPUT and SPEAKER OUTPUT to drive a guitar speaker cabinet, the Merged PROFILE plays the Direct PROFILE embedded in it. And only in this scenario the Merged PROFILE is a bit more authentic. Which still doesn't mean that you like it better! Sometimes users prefer the bit less authentic and approximated sound of the Studio PROFILE with Monitor Cab. Off.

At the end of the day you need to judge with your ears anyhow. Be pragmatic instead of taking an over-academic approach.

Source: Burkhard Kemper Forum