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Welcome to the Bose® L1® Wiki. This site uses software by MediaWiki, the same software used by millions of people on Wikipedia but the content here is not a part of Wikipedia.

  • The L1 Wiki is a catalog of information that you can browse and search. (You may be interested in Why A Wiki?)
  • Some Wiki pages are moderated by Bose and show the badge to the right:
  • If you would rather a conversation with others, including Bose experts, about the L1 products, you're better off at the Bose® Pro Portable PA Community.

Brief Guide to Finding Information on the Bose® L1® Wiki

  • A Wiki is really just a collection of articles, sort of like a traditional encyclopedia. Unlike an encyclopedia, however, the articles in a Wiki are not organized alphabetically and there's no table of contents.
  • Instead, Wiki users find information most commonly by searching. The search box at the top left of this page is present on all wiki pages. Feel free to try the search function now. Just type in something like "T1" and click Search.

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I'm stuck and I want an expert to help me

You can ask a question at our message board, in a special forum called Ask Bose for Help.

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Expand your knowledge of the L1 family of products, acoustics, psycho-acoustics, and music: Education Articles

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