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Executive Summary

A Wiki provides a mechanism through which members of a community can share knowledge. It is different from conventional web pages because readers can update the pages they are viewing and create new pages called articles. As such this complements the Bose® Pro Portable PA Community by providing another mechanism for supporting the community of owners who use the internet.

The Bose Portable PA Encyclopedia vs. the Bose® Pro Portable PA Community

People come to the Bose® Pro Portable PA Community for many reasons:

  • Looking for information
  • Share information
  • Community
  • Affiliation
  • Anonymity

Consider the first group of people who are looking for information. They may be content to browse through the forums or use a search engine. Others may want something written and presented in a more conventional format. A Wiki can be a mechanism for sharing knowledge in a much more concise way than a discussion thread in a forum. A Wiki makes it much easier to find knowledge because it has several ways through which information is linked and cross referenced.

Much of the content in this Wiki originated through discussion at the Bose® Pro Portable PA Community. For example this Wiki has two "Unofficial Guides" that are open to input from the community: the User's Guide and the Performer's Guide.

For now, it is rare for someone to contribute directly to one of these guides. Instead, it is likely that the community has developed the expectation that if anything valuable turns up in the forum, that the someone will find a place for it in the Unofficial Guides. Sometimes a community member will post a message in the forum requesting this explicitly.

More on this topic: How is a Wiki Different

Quality of Information on this Wiki

The content of a Wiki is contributed by its readers. There is no formal moderation queue.

The moderation phase comes after the fact and will be a matter of the community striving to maintain high standards for the content.

Some pages are reviewed by Bose for accuracy. On those pages you will see

This Page Reviewed By Bose

at the top of the page.

If there is no moderation queue (giving the opportunity to review content before it is published) it is not possible to prevent undesirable content from being posted. It is likely that that such content would be seen and changed quickly by the readers. But that does not guarantee that it won't happen in the first place. These are the same considerations that govern Wikipedia.

Content Policy

See Content Policy

Contributing to this Wiki

Readers are encouraged to experiment in the Sandbox, and when they feel ready, they should just go ahead and create articles.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Feedback and Support

For feedback and support: Send ST a Private Message (the link above opens a message window on the Bose® Musicians Community Message Boards so you can send me a private message through that system)