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If you need to send your sound out to an external system (remote speaker system, recording, powered loudspeaker) these notes are for you.

  • The Compact was designed with a blended line out (both ¼ inch jack and RCA).
  • The Model I / Classic have lines out for Channels 1 and 2 only, but no single output for all inputs.
  • The Model II does not have a line out but you can use your signal source.

See the links to the left for notes on each of these systems.

L1 Compact

L1 Compact


Rear panel outputs

¼-inch output – Mono analog output that accepts either ¼ inch Tip-Ring-Sleeve balanced or Tip-Sleeve unbalanced cables.

Can be used to link multiple L1 Compact systems together by connecting the ¼-inch output from one L1 Compact system to the ¼-inch input (Channel 2) on a second L1 Compact system. This will provide additional coverage in larger spaces. You can also use the ¼-inch output to connect to a house PA system and use the L1 Compact system as your personal monitor.

Output Level

¼ inch (6.3 mm) jack: Nominal +2.2 dBu, Max +20 dBu

Note: Using a TS unbalanced cable will result in a drop in the audio level of -6dBu.

Source: Page 6 of the L1® Compact Owner's Guide (pdf format)

¼ inch jack output EQ

The Compact has a balanced line-out that is a mix of all the inputs, post level and EQ settings on the input panel. The signal at the line out will be full range down to 30 Hz. There is an exception. The Channel 2 input will be band-pass above 60 Hz (nothing below that) when the ToneMatch® switch is ON (up position). The other inputs are unaffected.

If the Tonematch switch is engaged on Channel 2 then sources connected to the 1/4" input will not pass anything below 60Hz out of the line outputs.
This does not apply to the 1/8" and RCA inputs which will pass information down to 30Hz through the line outputs regardless of where the ToneMatch switch is positioned.
If the ToneMatch switch is set to line level sources connected to the 1/4" input will also pass information down to 30Hz through the line outputs.

Source: Neil-at-Bose

L1 Model I / L1 Classic

Classic This information is applicable to the L1® Classic
L1 Model I This information is applicable to the L1 Model I

PS1 Connections Lines Out

Line Out (XLR balanced) for Channels 1 and 2

  • post trim (+4 dBu nominal)

Insert Send

  • post trim,
  • post channel volume


  • Post trim
    • Input Trim
    • R1 Remote Channel volume
    • Insert returns
  • Pre
    • Preset
    • Tone controls
    • R1 Remote Master volume.
  • SPDIF is channels 1 & 2 only.

The Data OUT is a SPDIF output with a sampling rate of 48KHz.

Set your recording software as below if given the options

  • 24 Bit
  • 48 KHz
  • S/PDIF (RCA)

See: Recording Through the PS1 — Message Board Discussion.

L1 Model II

L1 Model II This information is applicable to the L1®  Model II

There is no full range line out of the L1 Model II.

To run a signal to an external monitor or powered speaker system you need to take that signal from the same source that you are using for the Model II Power Stand.

  • Use an external mixer