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What is the L1 Model 1S system and what makes it different from other L1 portable line array systems?

The L1 Model 1S portable line array system is a combination of performance and portability incorporating key elements of L1 Compact and Model II technologies into a flexible system designed for audiences up to 300. The L1 Model 1S features a 12-speaker articulated line array, offering 180 degrees of horizontal coverage while maintaining consistent level, smooth tonal balance and clarity throughout the venue. The system consists of only four lightweight pieces that set up and break down in minutes. These durable components easily connect without the need for stands or wires, and are readily transported in three protective carry bags. The materials and construction are specifically designed to meet the travel and performance demands of solo performers, mobile DJs and bands. The L1 Model 1S system can be configured to your individual needs with the B1 bass module for greater portability, or with the B2 bass module for greater output. Combine the system with the ToneMatch® audio engine to maintain the sound and tone of specific instruments and microphones.

How does the articulated line array work?

The proprietary arrangement of speakers in the loudspeaker array enables the system to fill an entire room with clear, powerful, tonally balanced sound from a single loudspeaker system. Sound remains consistent even at the extreme sides of the system.

Where can the L1 Model 1S system be used?

The L1 Model 1S system is suitable for audiences up to 300 people. Typically, this translates to maximum listener distances of about 75 feet (22.86 meters). Thus, the system will fill auditoriums, houses of worship, gymnasiums, ballrooms, dance clubs, coffeehouses and more.

What kinds of musical performers (singers, bands, DJs, etc.) can use the new technology?

There are no restrictions in this regard. Any single voice, instrument and group size will benefit from the advantages of hearing themselves better, of being in complete control of their performance, of having audiences hear them better and of being able to set up and perform in just minutes.

We’re interested in using the product for our band. Does every musician in the band need his or her own L1 Model 1S system?

There are many ways that an L1 system can be used with a band. One per player is ideal; however, members can share as few as two being used as a pair behind the performers. With all L1 system approaches, this eliminates conventional PA and monitors and results in a PA that you can put behind you.

Can one musician use an L1 Model 1S system while the rest of the band plays through a conventional system?

Yes. An L1 Model 1S system can be used as an amplification system for keyboards, acoustic guitars and other instruments as part of a traditional back line.

Can DJs use this system?

Yes. The L1 Model 1S system has important advantages over conventional systems. One problem with portable PA systems is the use of stand-mounted speakers, which are very loud close to the speaker and not loud enough away from the speaker. The L1 Model 1S loudspeaker is unusual in that you can adjust for the desired level on the dance floor and in the audience, and then walk closely up to the speaker without it getting excessively loud. This translates into much greater comfort with the guests. The L1 Model 1S also offers DJs the flexibility to choose between two bass modules to fit their individual needs.

Can acoustic instruments be amplified with the L1 Model 1S system?

Yes. When a T1 ToneMatch® audio engine is not connected, an acoustic instrument equipped with a pickup system may connect directly into the L1 Model 1S power stand. In cases where pickups are not present, a microphone can be used. When a T1 is not being used, you can connect directly into the L1 Model 1S system's analog input. However, in this instance, a microphone cable must be used in conjunction with a direct box or a transformer to adapt to the power stand’s ¼" analog input connector.

Can L1 systems be used as a traditional PA system?

Yes. L1 Model 1S systems can be used to replace PA speakers. Their unique radiation properties help them deliver more even sound coverage and a larger stereo field—a benefit that has been confirmed in listening tests. The benefits of compactness for transportation and rapid assembly will also be enjoyed.

How can I take advantage of instruments or devices that deliver stereo output?

When stereo reproduction is desired, two L1 Model 1S systems can be used to deliver stereo sound in a left and right position. A single L1 Model 1S system can combine the two channels with one speaker.

Can the L1 Model 1S system be used outdoors?

Yes. The system can be used inside or outside, but must never be exposed to precipitation or extended periods of direct sunlight. In cases of light rain, take precautions to cover the back panel of the power stand. Water must not get into the air inlet slits inside the back I/O panel and handle recess, on the loudspeaker drivers or inside the L1 system cavity on the power stand. The system has been tested to operate in temperatures from 0° to 50° C (32° to 122° F), and be stored in temperatures from -30° to 70° C (-22° to 158° F).

Does the system ship with carrying bags/covers?

Yes. The L1 Model 1S top array and bottom extension ship with their own protective carry bag, and the power stand has a separate bag. The B1 and B2 bass modules also come with slip covers.

Are hard shell cases available for the products?

Bose does not offer any hard shell cases, but there are some available through third-party companies.

What is included in the L1 Model 1S system box?

  • L1 Model 1S top array and bottom extension
  • L1 Model 1S power stand
  • B1 or B2 bass module (depending on the package purchased)
  • Padded carrying bags for the L1 components and bass module
  • 4 conductor NL4 bass module cable
  • AC power cord
  • L1 Model 1S owner's guide, bass module owner’s guide, quick setup guide and warranty statement

Can the L1 Model 1S be used with the L1 Compact or Model II system?

Yes. All L1 systems can be used together. However, each system has its own unique performance difference in respect to the size of the line array.

What are some of the details of the electronics in the L1 Model 1S power stand?

The power stand features integrated power amplifiers and DSP which provide power and processing for the loudspeaker array and bass module.

Why does the L1 Model 1S power stand contain only a single analog input?

This enables the layout of the power stand to be less cluttered with connectors that ultimately may not be used for many applications. The end result is a clean and compact design. Musicians who require more inputs can purchase the T1 ToneMatch® audio engine, which is specifically designed to work with the L1 Model 1S system.

What is the T1 ToneMatch® audio engine?

The T1 is a powerful multichannel audio device designed for musicians to use with the Model 1S system. It includes our largest library of ToneMatch presets, proprietary zEQ, a complete suite of studio-class effects and processing, and five channel inputs.

How prone is the system to feedback?

The L1 Model 1S system is resistant to, but not immune from, feedback. In the vast majority of cases, its performance in this critical dimension has been shown to be significantly better than the traditional triple system amplification approach of backline instrument amplifiers, monitor system and PA system.

Can I connect a passive sub woofer to the bass module output?

We do not recommend that you connect anything except the Bose B1 or B2 bass modules to this output, as the internal amplifier and bass modules are designed to properly equalize the system when connected.

Can I use this 120-volt system in another country?

The unit does not have a universal power supply. You should use the 120V version only in 120V countries. You can use the 240V version in countries with 220V, 230V or 240V systems at 50 Hz. We do not have a 100V system.

What accessories are available?

The following accessories are available for the L1 Model 1S system:

B1 bass module

  • B1 bass module with slip cover and NL4 cable (PC 351964-0010)
  • B1 cable 5.5" (1.7m) (PC 035404)
  • Standard B1 carrying bag (PC 351517-0010)

B2 bass module

  • B2 bass module with slip cover and NL4 cable (PC 353927-0110)
  • B1/B2 cable 5.5" (1.7m) (PC 035404)
  • Standard B2 carrying cover (PC 354529-0110)

A1 amplifier

  • PackLite® power amplifier Model A1 (PC 351971-0010)
  • Model A1 amplifier carry pouch (PC 351513-0010)
  • Model A1 ¼" TRS cable 18-in (0.5m) (PC 039861)

T1 ToneMatch® audio engine

  • T1 ToneMatch audio engine (PC 351971-0010)
  • T1 ToneMatch audio engine power supply (PC 042533)
  • ToneMatch audio engine microphone stand bracket (PC 042535)
  • T1 cable (PC 042536)
  • T1 carrying bag (PC 351509-0010)

What is the B1 bass module?

The B1 bass module is a portable, lightweight bass module designed to provide deep, balanced bass for Model 1S and Model II systems. It features two 5.25" high-excursion drivers built into a rugged enclosure. Interlocking end caps allow up to four B1 modules to be stacked together. The module includes a slip cover and NL4 cable.

What is the B2 bass module?

The B2 bass module is our high-performance flexible bass module designed to provide deep, impactful bass for higher SPL live music and DJ applications. It features two 10" high-excursion woofers mounted in a rugged enclosure. The B2 bass module includes a three-position sensing switch, allowing bass output to be adjusted for different applications. Interlocking end caps allow up to two B2 modules to be stacked together. The module also includes a slip cover and NL4 cable.

How many B1 and B2 bass modules can you connect to a L1 Model 1S system?

Each L1 Model 1S power stand can power up to two B1 bass modules or a single B2 bass module.

Can I use 2-wire NL2 SpeakON® cables for the bass modules?

Only 4-wire SpeakON NL4 cables should be used with the power stand. The additional two wires (+2 and -2) in the connector are used for sensing purposes. Upon connection, the power stand is able to sense and adjust (EQ and level) for number of bass modules connected to the bass module-out SpeakON connector. The cable should be labeled with "NL4" on the outside sleeve.

Are the L1 Model I and Classic systems compatible with the B2 bass module?

Yes. When using the B2 bass module with the L1 Model I or L1 Classic system, please note that the rear panel switch must be in the "Normal" position. If set to the + or - switch positions, it will not work, resulting in muted audio.

What is the warranty period on the L1 Model 1S system?

The L1 Model 1S power stand has a two-year limited warranty. The L1 Model 1S line array loudspeaker has a five-year limited warranty.