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What is the recommended way to set the gain for a Model I system when using it with a T1 ToneMatch audio engine?

  • Make sure the power switch on the power stand is in the Off position and the remote control is disconnected

Note: The remote should be disconnected so that the ToneMatch audio engine solely controls the volume of the L1® system.

  • Make sure the ToneMatch audio engine power switch is in the Off position and its power supply is connected
  • Set the ToneMatch audio engine master volume control to 0
  • Plug one end of a 1/4" phone plug cable (not supplied) into the master output port on the ToneMatch audio engine. Plug the other end of the cable into the line-in jack of channel 3 or 4 on the L1® power stand

Note: We recommend only connecting to the line inputs of channels 3 and 4 because channel 1 and 2 mic/line inputs have volume controls, equalization and presets that could affect the ToneMatch audio engine's sound and performance.

  • Set the line-in level control on the power stand to approximately 2
    Note: In some circumstances, it may be necessary to slightly adjust the level of this initial setting to attain the desired gain structure.


Bose has revised this, and now recommends setting the level control to approximately 3.

Input setting recommendation now 3